The best kept secret is the joy of having a baby

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Taking a look at babies make us smile. All of the babies are cute and lovely. Interacting with babies normally takes all our problems away. Laughing babies are certainly adorable.

While pregnant, you’ll get lots of advice about how to function on no sleep and deal with babyhood’s bummers. So once your little munchkin arrives you may be surprised by how many pleasures tag along for the ride. Consider all these benefits of being a new mommy and you’ll be looking on the bright side, too!

1. Baby Adores You

When you talk in a funny voice or blow raspberries, your rapt audience of one goes nuts. Put a shoe on your head and your baby will assure you you’re hilarious. Making your sweetie laugh gets addictive! It’s enough to spur you to sing all the time, even if you can’t carry a tune.

2. You Gain a Feeling of Belonging

At first, you miss sleeping in, going out for grown-up meals, and being part of the late-night movie crowd. But your old life is quietly replaced with a different sense of community. As your baby grows, you’ll discover the best story hours, kids’ museums, parks, and baby-tolerant restaurants

3. You’ll Make New Friends

Coworkers aside, you don’t get very many chances to make lasting friendships after high school and college. Then pregnancy comes, and you’ve got an open door again.

4. Your Heart Opens SO Wide

Suddenly, the inconsolable baby crying next to you on a flight gets your empathy instead of your ire. Mothering gives you the ability to step into other parents’ shoes, and you appreciate the giant job they undertake with their own kids.

5. You Get Things Done

Remember those old days, when time would slip by and you’d think, “What have I done all day?” Yeah, I’ve forgotten them too. Motherhood has a way of turning you into an efficiency expert — you’ll never look at a spare 20 minutes the same way again!

6. You Know What Matters

Your house may be a mess for a while. But you learn to be a little less precious about your belongings. ” You may find yourself giving away items that, you realize, you don’t really need. Living with more love and less stuff is liberating!

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