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A Relaxing Way To Re-Energize Through The Day

After sending out a bunch of get well gift baskets through the week I begin to wonder why people get sick in the first place. A part of it is from obvious stuff that’s just a part of the life we live as human beings. But what we do to increase those chances has to do with what we put into our body. And that’s kind of the context I wanted to give out before starting out this post. If you’re wondering why there’s a Monster Energy drink image above, keep reading…

Because I’ve been literally living on these things for the last 2 weeks. Not to drift too much into the business side of things, but a typical company like ours will do over 50% (closer to 65% even) of their activity/revenue in the current 4th quarter of the year. There’s literally a million things that need to get done for the holiday season – designing birthday gift baskets, website fixes, checkout processes, new product adding, re-writing descriptions, marketing channels, other promotions, and that’s just to name a few!

(Don’t feel too bad for me though, there’s been rumors around the office that we’re all going to get thank you gift baskets for all the hard work we’ve put in this year, come 2011 – yayy :)

Writing out that list was even exhausting so you can imagine how things get around here when it’s time to actually do the work. So I needed a way to re-energize my body as the hours went by. I was shopping at Sam’s Club and happen to pick up a 24 pack of Monster Energy drinks which I’ve been sipping on these last 2 weeks. Although they work really well, I need something to chill out during the day.

What’s been working really well for me is taking 10-20 minute relaxation naps (anything more then 20 minutes and you’ll fall asleep for many hours, be careful with this!)… I pop open Youtube and select from a number of different tracks. Just type in something like “sleeping music” or “relaxing music” to get started. Try to pick a clip that’s around the time-frame you’d like to sleep for. That way when the music is over so is your break.

Here’s a cool one that I used earlier today, enjoy:

POSTED ON October 8, 2010,

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