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Is He Really That Creative? We Think So…

It just so happens that 90% of everyone in our office are voracious readers. I set a goal early in life to learn as much as possible because developing skill sets is at the very top of my to do list on a daily basis. If you want the truth, I probably go through at least 3-4 books a month, if not more. And I’ve been doing that for many years!

But one thing I enjoy reading more then non-fiction books is business magazines. It just so happens the world runs on business. Ironically enough, I blog for a company and chances are you either own one or work for one… so it makes perfect sense to learn a little bit about it, don’t ya think?

Well every month we receive a ton of magazines such as Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur, and probably another half a dozen that I cannot remember. This month I picked up the Fast Company which had Nike’s CEO Mark Parker on the cover. It talks about how his creativity is off the chart – using every aspect of his business such as athletes, music, shoe designs, artist, etc to make Nike the multi-billion dollar company that it is.

I found this very inspirational because what he does is so similar to what we do. Although we aren’t at the billion dollar level (yet!) we combine many suppliers to make unique gift baskets come to life. Such as putting in snacks, equipment, and a little creativity to create a sports gift basket as an example. Or how about surveying moms in the local Atlanta area to see what they think we should include in our baby gift baskets – No matter what you do, add a little creativity to it and you can go a long way!

POSTED ON September 3, 2010,

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