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Why Being Dynamic Is The New Value

How do you measure your value? Well it depends on who you are. So if you are an individual you may value health, social relationships, spirituality, entertainment, and anything else that takes your fancy. If you are a business you may value cash flow, revenue, market share, stock price, year after year growth, and a million other things. If you are a parent you may value your kids behavior, their grades, and how well they do in life.

Although I strongly believe in all the assets listed above, what I am really valuing now is the ability to change. In other words, how dynamic are you? The world is changing very quickly. The new statistic is that more digital information will be created in the next twenty four hours then has been in the last couple of decades. In my mind that’s an insane dynamic!

And the reason I bring this up is because of the famous micro-blogging site known as Twitter (which I recently joined). As I opened up my browser to login to my account today for the fifth time (it’s a bit addicting!) I noticed a link that said “Meet the new Twitter.com”. Here’s a well designed video which explains it all:

It’s interesting to see because they have been pretty much the same since they launched. Not too much has changed about the site so it’s fascinating to see such huge changes… a new home page, a new sidebar, and a bunch of neat features. The poor companies that were creating/have created all these features are DONE!

One method of dynamics that we’ve evolved to is the candle gift baskets – all of them now have a special scent because you asked for it! Since it’s sports season again, our sports gift baskets come with little toys (i.e. nerf footballs).More importantly we’re working with fresh vendors that are doing some innovative creations in spa gift baskets by sending them to local resorts (more on that in a few weeks).

So embrace the fresh changes, evolve to be your best, and become a dynamic person!

POSTED ON September 15, 2010,

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