No Tricks – Just Treats: GiftBasketsPlus.com Revolutionizing the Traditional Halloween Candy Routine

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Halloween is notorious for two things: candy and putting creativity to the test. Rather than spending money on haunted hayrides and fright fests, a national trend of creating the ultimate at-home Halloween experience for trick-or-treaters is emerging.

Halloween is notorious for two things: candy and putting creativity to the test. Rather than spending money on haunted hayrides and fright fests, a national trend of creating the ultimate at-home Halloween experience for trick-or-treaters is emerging. The National Retail Federation estimates the average American household will spend an anywhere from $44 to $60 on candy for Halloween in 2012. Taking note of this shift America’s leading online gift basket retailer, GiftBasketsPlus.com, analyzed the latest candy crazes and at-home Halloween thrills to shed new light on the old tradition of passing out candy.

As the premier holiday gift basket supplier with fourteen years in the gift basket industry, it comes as no surprise that GiftBasketsPlus.com is taking this opportunity to revolutionize the Halloween candy routine. With consumers and businesses alike raving about the latest collection of Halloween gift baskets, GiftBasketsPlus.com combined their market knowledge and customer feedback to develop additional, affordable, spooky-sweet, Halloween gift baskets.

The newest designs are best suited for the creative at-home Halloween haunters who are looking to give trick-or-treaters an unforgettable experience. GiftBasketsPlus.com worked diligently to create gift baskets that appeal to a wide variety of taste buds by incorporating candy classics like Resses Peanut Butter Cups, M&M’s, Oreo’s, as well as gourmet options like Ghirardelli chocolates.

GiftBasketsPlus.com is offering generous online discounts for customers on these Halloween gift baskets until October 31. Additionally, GiftBasketsPlus.com launched several new social components to help shoppers find this year’s best gift baskets for any occasion. Most recently, GiftBasketsPlus.com has joined the Pinterest movement and features boards pinned with special Halloween & Holiday Gift Baskets for users to repin, share, or purchase.

For additional information on this year’s hottest Halloween Gift Baskets, visit http://www.giftbasketsplus.com.


Ten Helpful Tips for Making a Great Gift Basket

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Need a great gift for that special occasion that is coming up? Gift baskets offer endless themes and are an easy way to get that hard to shop for person a great gift. Making a gift basket can be a fun project. Not the creative type? Then contact the professionals at GiftBasketsPlus.com and browse the amazing selection of gift baskets for every occasion.

1. Choosing a theme: The theme is entirely flexible and can be catered to any event or special occasion.
2. Time to go shopping: Finding items that fit the theme should be easy. Go to party stores, craft shops, gourmet shops, etc., keeping the theme in mind when selecting items to use in the gift basket.
3. Don’t forget the basket: While shopping for the goodies to go into the basket, keep an eye out for a basket or a decorative box. Make sure it is sufficiently sized so that all the items will fit snugly. Party stores, craft shops and stores that sell decorative home goods are great places to find baskets.
4. Color coordinating: For a more professional presentation, try color coordinating the basket and gifts.
5. Adding filler to the gift basket: Be sure to add some filler to the bottom of the basket. This can be tissue paper, crinkle cut filler, foam, etc.
6. Presentation: A nice touch is to have all the items face outwards, giving the basket a great appearance from the front or back. If there are gaps in between the items, fill them in with greens and/or baby’s breath.
7. Prevent shifting: Using adhesive glue dots on the items and sticking them to each other is a great way to keep the items from shifting. Just make sure items are stuck together in a decorative manner.
8. Wrapping: Cover the whole basket in cellophane and gather it together at the top.
9. Use a decorative bow: Hand tie a bow made of either ribbon or fabric in complimentary colors.
10. Finally, attach a handwritten gift card

Still not feeling very creative or just prefer to purchase a gift basket from professionals? GiftBasketsPlus.com offers a stunning array of gift baskets for every for occasion, theme, or holiday. Shopping for a true gourmet, then how about the Madison Avenue Gift Basket, packed with all the finest gourmet items like Brie cheese spread, Saraivanov smoked salmon and Godiva chocoiste dark chocolate. A basket that is guaranteed to please even the finest gourmet. Need a fun birthday gift ? The Deluxe Happy Birthday Care Package or the Junk Food Junkie Gift Basket are both packed full of delicious birthday goodies.

GiftBasketsPlus.com has been delivering the finest gift baskets since 1998. In addition to gourmet and birthday baskets, GiftBasketPlus.com also offers organic gift baskets, kosher baskets, spa gifts, corporate baskets, thank you gifts, romantic gift baskets and even gift baskets for pets.


Do You Enjoy Spreading Joy In Life?

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Recently I was going through our inbox of previous read emails and one in particular really stood out to me. This person was beyond excited to have received their gift basket just in perfect timing and was beyond happy with the goodies inside (who doesn’t love receiving chocolates, right?)! Sometimes words lose meaning when sent over text instead of voice, but for some odd reason this person’s email really stood out. We get testimonials around the year for a variety of reasons but this one had something I like to refer to as JOY!

So I decided to look up the formal definition to see if it would resonate, here is what dictionary has to say about the world joy: “A state of complete bliss and felicity – to be happy” – I found this definition to be exactly what this customer had expressed to us. So the question I asked myself was, “Could sending a gift basket really produce a state of joy, happiness, and bliss?” As I thought about it more, I came to the conclusion of yes, absolutely it could.

I’m sure you heard this phrase at some point in your life: It’s the little things that count or It’s the little things that make you happy. Well, after shipping out thousands upon thousands of gift baskets and having such a high customer satisfaction rate, there is no question in my mind that’s true. And it goes beyond the fact that our baskets are filled with delicious treats, snacks, sweets, fine wines, and so on. I think the contents of a basket is very important to ensure quality and variety, but I think it goes a bit beyond that.

It’s the intent that someone has and the feeling the recipient receives that creates such happiness. I can remember how good it feels to receive something out of the blue, completely unexpected, from a friend or family member. It’s a pretty awesome feeling! Add to that a beautiful greeting card message inside with some nice thoughts expressed in writing. Finally while you’re taking it all in, you get to munch on chocolate, cheese, cookies, and whatever else maybe inside. Wow, what an awesome experience this is. So if you enjoy spreading joy, happiness, and bliss in life, do something nice for a loved one today and watch what happens :)

PS: In memory of Whitney Houston, I thought it would be cute to post one of her most popular songs, let me know what you think?


Is Better Health Possible? Yes, Indeed!

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As of worldwide statistics and reports, the general health and immunity of people across the globe
is on a decline. Despite having cutting edge medical care facilities and much more, even though the
average life expectancy is still high, the probability of that person suffering from a major disease such as
diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure and heart disease is on the rise.

In such a disturbing situation, Organic food comes as a hero from the shadows. Grown completely
naturally for consumption, these foods are high in taste and nutritional value. For people who believe in
organic foods and their benefits, Gourmet Gift Baskets are perhaps the most appropriate gifts. Baskets
created with an assortment of completely organic foods and drinks, these gift baskets are the healthiest
gift that any person can give someone.

Free of any synthetically prepared foods, the benefits of these foods are many and large. Fruits, dried
fruits, chips, salsa dips, coffee, nuts and even cookies that have been prepared with completely organic
materials make for a healthy alternative to synthetically prepared heavy foods. For those who love
organic foods, the Organic Gift Baskets can offer a range of snacks and savories. The most important
item however, remains to be fruit. Organically grown and completely free of any chemicals, these fruits
are resplendent in their natural glory and can make for a very tempting gift.

There are also wines that have been made from organic products that can be added to the Organic Gift
Baskets. These wines are a perfect balance of health and harmony. Generally, the organic cabernet is
used and it is of extremely high quality.

Organic Gift Baskets offer gift-givers the chance to spread the good health revolutions and uses a host
of other snacks as well. Wine and cheese culture is explored to the fullest extent by the use of organic
cheese and crackers in conjunction with organic wine. Such settings make the Organic Gift Basket a
properly healthy and nourishing gift.

The flexibility of these organic goodies allows customers to use them as gifts for any occasion. As these
snacks and savories are healthy and entirely refreshing, they are good for children as well as adults. The
fruit that is used in these baskets has very high nutritional value and they taste delicious.

Organic gift baskets can also be accompanied by a variety of other gifts such a guidebooks on starting an
organic garden, organically prepared toiletries and so on. These provide a distinct touch to the Organic
Gift Basket and also help in spreading the importance of organic foods.

Customers are advised to make sure that none of the items that they buy are perishable, as this will ruin
some of the goodies and then will have to be painstakingly replaced. This however is applicable only to
customers who but these gift baskets online and have them shipped.

All websites generally provide a facility for next day shipping as well as two day shipping. In the event of
a package containing perishable items, next day shipping is highly advocated.


Cheesy & Meaty, A Yummy Tradition To Enjoy!

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Of all the unique compositions of snack gift baskets, The Meat/Cheese Gift Baskets offer the most compellingvarieties. These baskets generally contain an abundance of meat of various types or cheese of variouskinds or a mixture of both. These gift baskets offer a wholesome culinary experience to meat and cheeseeaters of all kinds as the types of permutations and combinations are many and each basket is unique.

The Meat/Cheese Gift Baskets offers gift-givers a chance to satisfy the meat/cheese loving needs oftheir near and dear ones in a stylish and clean manner. Many of the gift baskets have a mixture of bothmeat and cheese and thereby they can cater to a large audience. Some of the Meat/Cheese Gift Basketsalso include inedible but highly useful items such as cutting boards and knives. These are of very highquality and can serve the purposes of the receiver very pertinently.

The various types of meats used in these baskets include sausages and salmon mostly. The varieties ofcheese used are far higher relatively. Varieties such as cheddar, creamy, organic and even formaggio areused. The combination of one or more of these cheeses is often found in combination with a meat andsome other savories.

There are also several gourmet Meat/Cheese Gift Baskets that are available. These consist of primarilyvery high quality and expensive cheese of exotic varieties and meat which if again of very high grade.Beef may also be used in several of these gift baskets.

The average prices of these Meat/Cheese Gift Baskets, $30 to $130. This makes the gift basket easy onthe pocket and delivers to perfection to the taste needs of the consumers. The addition of highly usefulutility products like cutting boards and cheese knives and spreaders makes the overall value of these giftbaskets extremely high.

Caution must however be taken in choosing the methods and times of delivery for these perishableproducts in case of online ordering. Consumers must make sure that their packages are received in ashort span of time in order to best protect the quality of the products and derive the best results. Mostonline websites advise customers to have the package shipped through the next day delivery service orat most two-day delivery service which will guarantee the quality of the perishable products.

There are several accompaniments to the Meat/Cheese Gift Baskets, which make gift complete andunique. Things like chocolate, mustard and even crackers and sourdough nuggets are often usedin these baskets and they go very well with the meat and cheese. There may even be inclusions ofbreadsticks and such that can be used in compliment with the cheese.

As such, it can be seen that the Meat/Cheese Gift Baskets are an ideal gift for meat and cheese loversas they are exposed to refined and extremely different kinds of products which only add to the culinaryexperience. These gift baskets are not very expensive and provide great value for the amount paid. Athouroughly delightful experience for all the meat and cheese lovers. They would also make wonderful Thanksgiving Gift Baskets and Hanukkah Gift Baskets for the upcoming holiday season!


Gourmet Gift Baskets – Our First Video Launched!

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Video Transcript Below:

Need a perfect gourmet package?
We are here to please you with delightful offerings.
GIFT BASKETS PLUS is delivering happiness in a box since 1998.
Celebrate the best that life has to offer by treating your taste buds to gourmet food all wrapped up in a decorative gourmet gift baskets.
Depending on what you prefer to eat & drink, there are literally hundreds of combinations available in this very category for you to choose from.
Some of the products in the basket will include
•        Gourmet gala
•        Chocolate delights
•        Italian food
•        Gallant gourmets, and much more to satisfy anyone hungry for gourmet foods.
These are awesome for any occasion as the perfect gift.
Our products are very versatile and are sure to leave that special recipient delighted.
We guarantee lowest price, super fast shipping and most importantly 100% satisfaction.
Call us immediately @ 1.800.520.6657 or visit us @ www.GiftBasketsPlus.com.


So What’s The Occasion Anyways?

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One thing I noticed when I began working in this industry is most of our business is done during the holidays. This was oddly surprising because when I looked at our offerings it didn’t make sense. Although we have gift baskets for all occasions why do people rush in during Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and other holidays? I learned this the hard way because everyone kept telling me over & over again you better get your energy up for this last quarter.

I couldn’t figure it out. Every vendor I spoke to, every co-worker I met with, & even our competitors (specially the public companies) have openly admitted to do doing 50%-70% of their revenue in this last quarter of the year. That’s pretty scary from both a business & personal point of view. That means I’m going to be chilling out 9 out of 12 months for the most part. And for these last 3 I’m going to be working as hard as possible, wow!

One of our vendors who makes baby gift baskets baby gift started laughing because he’s been in the business for over a decade now. He said every year new people enter & old people go. The economy goes up and down. All sorts of things happen around the world. But having been stuck to this business for nearly ten years now has taught me one thing. Never under estimate the occasion. People will do more on occasions then any other time of the year.

I guess that explains why everyone has been working so hard on those corporate Christmas gift baskets. Another occasion to add to the list. So to all of you who will be buying soon, we promise to be working super hard. I probably won’t be blogging much for the next month or two. But come 2011 expect something every 2-3 days. This writing thing has an addiction about it that I really enjoy. Take care and have fun this holiday season…


A Relaxing Way To Re-Energize Through The Day

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After sending out a bunch of get well gift baskets through the week I begin to wonder why people get sick in the first place. A part of it is from obvious stuff that’s just a part of the life we live as human beings. But what we do to increase those chances has to do with what we put into our body. And that’s kind of the context I wanted to give out before starting out this post. If you’re wondering why there’s a Monster Energy drink image above, keep reading…

Because I’ve been literally living on these things for the last 2 weeks. Not to drift too much into the business side of things, but a typical company like ours will do over 50% (closer to 65% even) of their activity/revenue in the current 4th quarter of the year. There’s literally a million things that need to get done for the holiday season – designing birthday gift baskets, website fixes, checkout processes, new product adding, re-writing descriptions, marketing channels, other promotions, and that’s just to name a few!

(Don’t feel too bad for me though, there’s been rumors around the office that we’re all going to get thank you gift baskets for all the hard work we’ve put in this year, come 2011 – yayy :)

Writing out that list was even exhausting so you can imagine how things get around here when it’s time to actually do the work. So I needed a way to re-energize my body as the hours went by. I was shopping at Sam’s Club and happen to pick up a 24 pack of Monster Energy drinks which I’ve been sipping on these last 2 weeks. Although they work really well, I need something to chill out during the day.

What’s been working really well for me is taking 10-20 minute relaxation naps (anything more then 20 minutes and you’ll fall asleep for many hours, be careful with this!)… I pop open Youtube and select from a number of different tracks. Just type in something like “sleeping music” or “relaxing music” to get started. Try to pick a clip that’s around the time-frame you’d like to sleep for. That way when the music is over so is your break.

Here’s a cool one that I used earlier today, enjoy:


Why Being Dynamic Is The New Value

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How do you measure your value? Well it depends on who you are. So if you are an individual you may value health, social relationships, spirituality, entertainment, and anything else that takes your fancy. If you are a business you may value cash flow, revenue, market share, stock price, year after year growth, and a million other things. If you are a parent you may value your kids behavior, their grades, and how well they do in life.

Although I strongly believe in all the assets listed above, what I am really valuing now is the ability to change. In other words, how dynamic are you? The world is changing very quickly. The new statistic is that more digital information will be created in the next twenty four hours then has been in the last couple of decades. In my mind that’s an insane dynamic!

And the reason I bring this up is because of the famous micro-blogging site known as Twitter (which I recently joined). As I opened up my browser to login to my account today for the fifth time (it’s a bit addicting!) I noticed a link that said “Meet the new Twitter.com”. Here’s a well designed video which explains it all:

It’s interesting to see because they have been pretty much the same since they launched. Not too much has changed about the site so it’s fascinating to see such huge changes… a new home page, a new sidebar, and a bunch of neat features. The poor companies that were creating/have created all these features are DONE!

One method of dynamics that we’ve evolved to is the candle gift baskets – all of them now have a special scent because you asked for it! Since it’s sports season again, our sports gift baskets come with little toys (i.e. nerf footballs).More importantly we’re working with fresh vendors that are doing some innovative creations in spa gift baskets by sending them to local resorts (more on that in a few weeks).

So embrace the fresh changes, evolve to be your best, and become a dynamic person!


Is He Really That Creative? We Think So…

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It just so happens that 90% of everyone in our office are voracious readers. I set a goal early in life to learn as much as possible because developing skill sets is at the very top of my to do list on a daily basis. If you want the truth, I probably go through at least 3-4 books a month, if not more. And I’ve been doing that for many years!

But one thing I enjoy reading more then non-fiction books is business magazines. It just so happens the world runs on business. Ironically enough, I blog for a company and chances are you either own one or work for one… so it makes perfect sense to learn a little bit about it, don’t ya think?

Well every month we receive a ton of magazines such as Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur, and probably another half a dozen that I cannot remember. This month I picked up the Fast Company which had Nike’s CEO Mark Parker on the cover. It talks about how his creativity is off the chart – using every aspect of his business such as athletes, music, shoe designs, artist, etc to make Nike the multi-billion dollar company that it is.

I found this very inspirational because what he does is so similar to what we do. Although we aren’t at the billion dollar level (yet!) we combine many suppliers to make unique gift baskets come to life. Such as putting in snacks, equipment, and a little creativity to create a sports gift basket as an example. Or how about surveying moms in the local Atlanta area to see what they think we should include in our baby gift baskets – No matter what you do, add a little creativity to it and you can go a long way!