Thinking About Buying Wine? Watch This First…

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Text Transcript (if you would rather read it):

A gourmet meal without a glass of wine just seems to be tragic right?
Are you in thirst of Good wine that carries a man to heaven?

We are here to please you with delightful offerings.
GIFT BASKETS PLUS is delivering happiness in a box since 1998.
Like human beings, a wine’s taste is going to depend a great deal on its origins and its upbringing.
The elegance, sophistication, and pleasure of wine make wine gift baskets the perfect present not only in western cultures but all around the world.

Some of the products in the basket will include
• Wine and cheese combo
• Vineyard sensation
• Wine country bounty
• The California fine duet and much more for your thirst.
The hardest part is actually picking one because they look so wonderful you’ll want to try them all.

We guarantee lowest price, super fast shipping and most importantly 100% satisfaction.
We’d like to agree with you in that they are all amazing, so pick your favorite & enjoy!

Call us immediately @ 1.800.520.6657 or visit us @ www.GiftBasketsPlus.com.


The Four Hour [INSERT GOAL] – Tim Ferriss

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If you haven’t heard of Tim Ferriss, you probably don’t read much because he has quickly became famous from writing the controversial book, “The Four Hour Week” – which was a best seller many times over on all the popular reading lists. In addition it sold millions of copies all around the world, hence it’s produced in dozens of different languages. When Tim first wrote the book he never thought it would become this popular, and boy has it taken off.

I first heard about the book through an audio interview he did with another well known internet marketing expert (I can’t remember who, it’s been a few years). After hearing the way he thinks, learning about his lifestyle, and how little he works to make an awesome living I just had to find out how. So I dropped by the local Barnes & Noble in Duluth, picked up the book along with a cup of coffee, and had a great time reading it over several days.

It turns out you can outsource just about every part of your business cheaply. The idea is to take advantage of currency rates. For example, $1 United States Dollar is $45 India Rupee as of today. The cost of living in India is also much lower because their lifestyles are much different from how luxurious most American’s live. They would be really happy making a small fraction of what the average American makes. So take off all the work on your desk, outsource it to someone cheaply, manage it for four hours a week, and enjoy your life!

In my case, I spend my time making fun gift baskets & blogging instead of doing paper work. That stuff is handled by other people, not me. My time is better spent coming up with a new idea (see our candle gift baskets!) rather then being held back by the minor details of running a business. It wouldn’t make sense to spend my valuable time doing $5/hour work because it’s worth much more then that. I certainly couldn’t come up with the new collection of holiday corporate gift baskets food we’re going to be announcing for the holiday’s if I was busy doing customer service, right?

So what are some things you could be outsourcing cheaply but for whatever reason aren’t? Leave your answer in the comments below & be sure to pick up Mr. Ferriss’s book! Here’s an interview I enjoyed of his on the Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, check it out…


Hey Mr. Herjavec – Can I Buy A Copy Of Your Book?

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One of my favorite TV personalities is Robert Herjavec. His rags to riches story is truly amazing but that’s not what makes him one of my favorites. Lots of people have gained great money & great wealth that came from very little. Well not exactly “lots” considering most people never get rich but there are enough examples. So what makes this guy unique? I think it’s his heart, kindness, and caring nature. That sounds slightly corny, let me explain dear readers…

So for those of you who don’t know Robert he came to Canada from Croatia with his family at the tender age of 10 years old on a boat with $20 to his name. Today he’s worth many hundreds of millions of dollars. His first company BRAK Systems was sold to ATT for a cool $100 million! Not bad for an immigrant who knew nothing, started with nothing, and didn’t have the money for a decent dinner, right?

The next company he was associated with sold for $225 million and now he owns “The Herjavec Group” (creative name Robert!). I heard about him when I first watched this neat TV show called Shark Tank on ABC. A professor of mine was raving about it so I checked it out, super awesome show (now being filmed for Season 2, yayy!). He’s also on Dragon’s Den which has become one of my top 5 favorites as well.

He recently appeared on Q TV promoting his new book, Driven:

Now what’s sad is I can’t buy a copy of the book. It’s only in Canada. We had a similar problem when shipping our holiday corporate gift baskets food to other countries. Not to mention Hollywood films that are worldwide can’t be complimented with our fun gift baskets because of shipping issues as well. Don’t even get me started on sending candle gift baskets in the mail.

But hey Robert, if you ever read this:

You have a lot of fans in the United States. Please publish it over here and let us read about your story. I’m sure many others like myself are dying to read it. Best of luck with your future ventures on Shark Tank & Dragon’s Den sir!


We Are Crushing It Because Of Gary Vaynerchuk

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When you think about the social media explosion you usually don’t relate it to retail sales. So we sell beautiful gift baskets and we’re good at that. Why would we need to have a social media person to blog, twitter, facebook, video – in other words why in the world would we create content when we do just fine creating gift baskets?

Well that was my thought process until I read the book Crush It by Gary Vee. He talks about how content is becoming the new currency and marketing is becoming hard as hell. No matter what industry you are in, you need to be pumping out good content. So I soon found out he owns Wine Library, a wine retailer. Pretty surprising, I used to think social media wasn’t created for retailers.

The guy has put out hundreds and hundreds of episodes of his TV show Wine Library TV. He’s on all the social sites, has over 800k+ followers on Twitter, and is big on Facebook as well. This totally blew me away. Not because of the numbers. But because he is selling wine. After reading the book and watching him do this for real we decided to follow.

We recently made a Twitter account and tweet daily. We’re currently designing our Facebook page. Pretty soon we’re going to begin creating videos for our get well gift baskets, thank you gift baskets, and sympathy gift baskets – that’s just to get started, we eventually want to have videos for every category. To top things off, we’re planning to do a monthly give away of 10 free gift baskets and promote it like crazy.

Thanks for inspiring us Gary. Be sure to check our WineLibrary.com, follow him on twitter.com/garyvee, and most importantly pick up the book off Amazon.com! Here’s a cool clip I was watching earlier today (Gary is a bit, well, PASSIONATE!), Building Your Personal Brand With A Social Media Presence:


Vanessa Fox On Google Search Marketing

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Just finished reading Vanessa Fox’s book on search marketing, “Marketing in the age of Google”. This one is a must read for anyone involved in internet marketing. Our CEO purchased a bunch of copies, one for everyone in the office. We do a monthly book club in-house and try to pick something that will help grow our business.

She is a genius when it comes to search marketing and talks about how the game is evolving. Long gone are the days where you placed an ad in the classified ads in your local newspaper and expected business to boom. The world is changing quickly and it’s time to catch up. If your business doesn’t have a website and isn’t marketing online you are missing out – no question about it after reading her book.

Although it wasn’t a technical book on SEO and she even claims that it wasn’t meant for search professionals and was more targeted at small businesses & the mainstream. It was mainly about eye level strategies and an overview of her thoughts and where things are headed. The there main take aways inside are:

  1. Why Search Is Important
  2. How Can Search Can Be Incorporated Into Every Part Of Your Normal Business Process
  3. How To Use Search To Help Drive Your Product & Business Strategy

A quick example of point number three above – when our product sourcing team decided it was time to expand & grow into specialty items we use the keyword tool Vanessa talks about to find what people were searching for BEFORE we did all the hard work. We saw that the two most popular keyword phrases were get well gift baskets and thank you gift baskets – and it’s no accident that when we added them to our website they sold like crazy!

Here’s a fun video of Vanessa Fox explaining the book:

For all of you who are thinking about buying this book, don’t hesitate – it’s well worth $17 on Amazon.com!