Fine Wines Make For Fine Times!

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Wine Gift Baskets are gift packages with the addition of high quality, great wines which make them a
highly regarded and sophisticated gift for almost anybody. The culture of buying wine for someone on
the occasion of their housewarming is a long standing one, and the Wine Gift Baskets seek to continue
that traditions albeit, with a lot more panache.

Wine can be regarded as a very safe gift for adults of all ages. Anybody appreciates a good wine and
the savory snacks that go along with it. Keeping that in mind, Wine Gift Baskets are of several sizes
and price ranges. The price depends a lot on the wine itself and also the cost of the accompaniments.
Systematically arranged wine bottles in baskets, tubs and boxes, give a very modern, contemporary
touch to the gift and also make it very special.

Wine Gift Baskets generally contain several savories or fruits that make the package complete.
For a complete experience, the wine must be enjoyed with the savories provided along side. The
accompaniments can also be enjoyed by children as they are of high quality and generally extremely

Wine Gift Baskets are generally packaged with chardonnay, sauvignon or cabernet wines. It is
important to keep in mind that some Holiday Gift Baskets may have more than one wine bottle. The three
mentioned above are the predominant types of wines that are used. These are generally accompanied
by savories such as breadsticks, crackers and also types of cheeses. These hampers may also contain
chocolates, types of meat and even cookies. The entire package is made to look extremely neat and
classy and therefore instantly scores a success when presented as a gift.

Wine Gift Baskets also contain fruit sometimes. Fresh and extremely high quality apples, oranges and
pears generally accompany the wine bottle. These fruits can also go great with the cheese offerings that
are often a part of these packages. These packages give people the chance to experience the famous
wine and cheese culture.

A better way to commemorate a birthday party or housewarming or even a job promotion is hard
to find. Balanced and complete Wine Gift baskets contain all that is necessary to make a celebration

The Wine Gift Baskets are priced comparatively expensively. However, the prices are still much cheaper
when other gifts are considered. The price ranges from $30 to $150. This may seem steep to the
customer however, these prices are extremely cheap when the total value of all the items being given is
calculated. A combination of good wine, high quality cheese and chocolates and also savory snacks for
such a low price cannot be found anywhere else.

It becomes important however, to remember that thought the wine may not perish but the other
savories are well in danger of succumbing to weather conditions. Customers would do well to remember
that items such as chocolate and cheese are very susceptible to perishing in prolonged external weather
conditions. This advice however is only for those who plan on buying Wine Gift Baskets online.


The Gourmet Style Of Gifting This Year

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The gifting culture has existed as long as humanity itself. In the olden days, gifts were a means of
showing a variety of emotions such as gratitude, respect, friendship, honor and even love. Although
this fact remains unchanged, the nature of gifts that are given has changed by leaps and bounds. In
the olden days it was customary for kings to gift their queens with extravagances of all kinds for any
occasion that they saw fit. As times changed and the extravagances reduced in size and frequency (the
prices of jewellery skyrocketed, making it very hard on the kings!), the nature of the gifts themselves
changed by a lot.

A very frequently faced situation by many people is a question of what to gift someone. A “gift-giver”
has to consider several things such as occasion, cost, the receiver’s choices and many other such
dilemmas. The process of gifting thereby has also become severely complex.

There is however one gift, that has stood the test of time, and is still absolute in its resolutions. A
gift basket has been a gift item for many generations now. These snack gift baskets imply the ultimate
appreciation with their assorted goodies and also manage to imply great style, sophistication and
happiness. The nature of these gift baskets is so, that they can be created for any occasion, with any
amount of opulence and grace.

The gourmet tradition however, has managed to seep into the gift basket culture. For the better part of
the last century, a trend of gourmet gift baskets that were created with the idea of gifting the best for
the best. A great deal of panache and style is implied by these gourmet goodie hampers and so, they
have become extremely popular throughout the world.

By Gourmet Gift Baskets, it is implied that the items contained within are of the highest quality and the
best available in the market. Wines and cheese from the best sources, cookies and other savories which
have been hand made especially for the occasion; fruits of the best quality and chocolate of top notch
standard are just some of the items that can be expected in these Gourmet Gift Baskets. A number
of companies offer a range of these baskets that are pre-made and a few other companies even offer
customization services to each individual customer.

As has already been said, the quality of all the items in these baskets is of the highest order. Shortbread,
Italian cookies, cream filled cakes and pastries, pastilles and truffles of chocolate, pistachios, and
crackers of assorted variety, meat and fresh fruits like apples, pears, oranges and green apples are all
perfect items for the Gourmet Gift Baskets. They may even include wine, cheese of different kinds,
chocolate dipped strawberry assortments and a large variety of other gourmet cuisine snacks and
savories. These gift baskets convey a universal message of style and class and are therefore perfect gifts
for every occasion.

The baskets may also contain the highest quality local delicacies that have been prepared especially for
that gift basket and are therefore very rare to find. Many times, a large amount of the items in these
Gourmet Gift Baskets are indigenous and very rare to find, elevating the exclusivity of these hampers.
The deliver the perfect message in a great manner and therefore are considered to be some of the best gifting ideas.


Give The Gift Of Health With Our Fruit Gift Baskets

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Prefer to read instead? See below:

Fruit nutrition is a great way to strengthen your immune system, fight disease, and boost your overall body health.
If you are concerned about health, it can be hard to mix delicious foods and health at the same time.
But here you find a great solution!!!
Give the gift of health along with taste with a wide variety of fresh fruit all topped off in our fruit gift baskets.

GIFT BASKETS PLUS is delivering happiness in a box since 1998.
Some of the products in the basket will include
• Fruit and cheese box
• First class fruit basket
• Gourmet fruit basket
• Healthy Americana and much more that will please anyone and everyone.
These have evolved into a hugely popular item as health gets closer to the priority list of more and more people around the world.
To make sure they receive the freshest fruit possible, we package & ship as soon as your order is received.
Health and Taste Go Hand in Hand

Call us immediately @ 1.800.520.6657 or visit us @ www.GiftBasketsPlus.com.


The Tastiest Drink On The Planet – Coconut Juice

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After lowering prices on selected discount wine gift baskets we’ve gotten a great response. Many people would like to mix things up when sending presents but wine can be expensive. There are so many to choose from with such a wide variety of flavors, prices, and imports it leaves one really confused. I personally don’t even drink wine. I’ve only become more familiar with it after watching nearly every single episode of Wine Library TV by Gary Vaynerchuk.

As a few of us were chatting about drinks the other day I thought I’d share my favorite which would be anything coconut. A coconut shake, juice, smoothie, dessert, and even a soup absolutely blows my mind! I don’t know what it is about the texture, smell, wild flavor, etc that just does it for my taste buds. I’ve probably tried every type of coconut drink ever created. I personally think we should add a touch of it to our Christmas food gift baskets but our vendors aren’t really up to share my obsession!

Another way of adding them in would be inside the fruit baskets gift baskets. Although I’m not sure if coconut qualifies as a fruit? Maybe one of the readers will enlighten me, I’m too lazy to do the research. Here is one of my all time favorites and if you haven’t tried this be sure to do so (even if you aren’t as obsessed as I am, it’s a must drink).

  • Go to your local farmers market and pick up a baby coconut
  • Leave it in the freezer for about two to three hours so it’s chilled
  • Slice it open (be careful!) and pour into a blender
  • Add two scoops of vanilla ice cream (or any kind, but vanilla works well)
  • Blend it up, add slices of the left over meat to the glass
  • Enjoy!

What are the drinks you all really get a kick out of? Post them in the comment section below – I’d love to try something new!


Just Got Home From The Life Cafe

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I’m really into working out, staying healthy, and maintaining an all around body shape. I get the irony in that we sell foods that are so good it’s hard to put them down. And I’ll be the first to admit that I love good food (like, a lot!). But at the same time I found a way to balance that out by going to Lifetime Fitness at least three to four times a week. That way I burn off whatever I eat.

So I walk into the gym early today, 7am sharp. I’ve been skipping workout for nearly four weeks because my car was at the Mercedez Benz repair center (long story) and they managed to take an extra two weeks to get something really simple handled. Anyways, I had an awesome work out:

Cardio: 45 minute power fun

Muscle: 30 minute weight lifting session

Relaxation: 20 minute spa, 15 minute shower

Wow, I was really tired at this point because when you don’t work out for nearly a month and then go back to such an intense work out it takes a while to get the ball rolling again. I hadn’t eaten breakfast before I left the house (dumb move), so I stopped by the LifeCafe inside Lifetime Fitness. Why?

It wasn’t because of the wait, I live three minutes away and could have easily waited. It wasn’t because of the urgency, the cafe was packed with people. It wasn’t because of the service or friends although they are very friendly I don’t know anyone who personally works there. The real reason was because of the tasty foods, they are just so good.

And although we do all of those things (service, selection, low prices, etc) the number one reason why I believe we’re successful at what we do is because of the food. Stuffing our baby gift baskets with welcoming gifts must help. Loading our sports gift baskets with more junk food for all the guys out there is another big one. And searching the globe for luxuries to fill up the spa gift baskets really makes magic happen!


The Oh So Sweet Buffet At The Loving Hut

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If you haven’t ever been to The Loving Hut, you must try it someday. When I first heard the name, I didn’t know what to make of it. Nothing in the name signals amazing restaurant so I did what any food lover would do – I got on yelp and did some homework! And boy did I have a lot to learn…

It turns out this is a vegan restaurant that is quickly growing all over the United States and also has a handful of international locations. There’s a location about 25 minutes away from where I live off Jimmy Carter so I decided to check it out. This was nearly eight months ago and I’ve been going back every month since.

Now if you aren’t a vegan and don’t know what means, all it is referring to is people who don’t consume animal products. That could be for various reasons, i.e. health, moral, green, personal choice, etc – but anyways, what’s interesting is that their menu isn’t technically vegan. For example, the first time I went there I ordered the Almighty Steak… sound vegan to you? I didn’t think so but it is! Steaks, burgers, shrimp, cakes, and the list goes on and on.

When you sit down everything is all white, kind of like one of our new baby gift baskets we introduced over the summer. White walls, tables, plates, and just about everything else is white except the food. Our table even had a delicate candle in the center, which reminded me of our candle gift baskets collection. This place is a must try for anyone who enjoys a good meal.


Cheese It Up With Gourmet Cheese Gift Baskets

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Our customers ask us questions all the time, but one of the most frequently asked questions is, “I want to do something really unique as a gift for someone. I’d like to standout from the crowd, what do you recommend?” And our typical answer goes something like this: What does the recipient like? And well, the rest becomes pretty easy…

The fact of the matter is making a unique gift does require some time and effort and you have to understand what should be included to make it look stylish. Now the good part is we handle the designing, styling, and packaging in all of our food gift baskets. So we’ve got you covered on that. But you’ve got to find out what that person enjoys.

Let’s take a best friend who is obsessed with cheese. As funny as that last sentence sounds, one of our top three best selling categories are cheese gourmet gift baskets and f you haven’t had gourmet cheese yet, you must try it ASAP. That stuff is good and I personally catch myself opening up these baskets for myself at least once a month (shhh, don’t tell anyone!).

The other side of the coin is cheese gift baskets will give the impression to your receiver that you were attentive in choosing a unique combination, just for them. It’s not something they were expecting and for sure it’s an emotional experience eating bite after bite of delicious cheese.

I’m going to run out and have some gourmet cheese right now, I hope you’ve got some creative juices flowing about your next gift giving occasion :-)