24 Hours ONLY – All Christmas Gift Baskets Are 20% Off

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To all of our loyal blog readers, we are sending out this promotion via email & website later today but would like for you all to know about it ahead of time!

Most of you are already customers and therefore we want to do something special this year for Christmas. For 24 hours ONLY, we’re going to take 20% off ALL Christmas gift baskets.

You read correctly! It’s never been done before. But to celebrate the holidays and to reward all of our dedicated customers who have been loyal to us over such a long period of time, you all deserve this.

There are currently 82 different Christmas gift baskets that have been marked down to over 20%. And, since our prices are already very affordable and competitively priced, you are saving closer to 30% by choosing GiftBasketsPlus.com!

So don’t wait another second, head over to our website and get an early start to Christmas shopping. Don’t be one of those last minute shoppers running through the mall trying to buy gifts at the very last minute. Take advantage of an awesome 20% discount and start sending out your gifts today!

Here are some holiday best sellers:

Happy Holiday’s From Everyone At GiftBasketsPlus.com!


The Nirvana Experience Of Fine Tea

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The morning cup of tea or in other cases the morning cup of brew, is one of the most important
moment is some people’s day. People like to relax with their cup of “nirvana” maybe reading the news
or maybe just chatting with family. Whatever the case maybe, a lot of people find their day incomplete
and unsatisfactory without this morning ritual.

One of the greatest gifts to these people therefore would be a gourmet Tea/Coffee in our new Thanksgiving Gift Baskets. These
hampers are filled with a variety of brews or teas that are exotic and most times very hard to find.
A simple, yet clear message of “Enjoy your morning, with the best tea/coffee around” is implied by
these Tea/Coffee Gift Baskets. For coffee and tea lovers across the world, the sight of one of these gift
baskets often brings a tear or two of joy to their eyes.

The gourmet Tea/Coffee Gift Baskets come in a range of sizes and styles. Whatever the choice, the
buyer is assured that the person receiving the gift is being gifted the absolute best in quality and flavor.
These hampers are being increasingly sold in the wake of the realization of coffee and tea culture with
many people becoming teetotalers. These high quality gift baskets therefore manage to achieve a very
high satisfaction rating among both, the gift-giver and the receiver.

Products may include up to three or four gourmet brewed coffees which are of different brews and
therefore provide flexibility to the drinker. An assortment of expensive and exotic teas can also be found
in these hampers along with snacks or savories that go perfectly with the beverages. High quality and
well made brews like Columbian, South American, Espresso roast and even European coffee blends can
be found in these hampers alongside different assorted blends of teas such as Earl Grey, Citrus, Green
tea and also a wide variety of flavored teas. As can be deduced, the costs of these expensive blends of
coffees and teas are quite high and to gift such a basket simply makes the exercise a very special one.

These Tea/Coffee Gift Baskets also include snacks and other small savories that go great with the
beverages that are provided. Biscottis, Shortbread sticks and even flavored or herbed crackers make
the gift hamper complete. Depending on the gift basket company and its policies, customers may also
be able to customize and choose each individual item that is to go in the hamper which makes the gift
basket even more special and pertinent. There may also be very expensive and high quality coffee mugs
and after drink mints and chocolates of some variety. Although the range is wide and the products vary
from company to company, the buyer can be assured of receiving only the highest grade of quality, style
and personalization.

Nothing says more to a tea or coffee lover than an assorted gift basket with blends and varieties of
exotic kinds which are guaranteed to take the morning experience to a whole new level of nirvana.


Absolutely Amazing Gourmet Cheeses!

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Read the video text below:

Are you looking for a perfect cheese package?
Is there really anything in the world that you could give someone that they would appreciate more than meat and cheese?

GIFT BASKETS PLUS is delivering happiness in a box since 1998.
Some of the products in the basket will include
• Cheeseboard Complete
• Wine and Cheese Board
• Cheeses America Style
• Meat & Cheese Combo and much more to delight anyone who loves the richness and deep taste of quality

These are perfect for any time of the year.
With cheeses from Wisconsin and premium sausages from specialty sausage makers, you simply cannot go wrong with any of these cheese gift baskets.
These baskets are very popular among our customers.
All you need to do us tell us where to send them and we’ll take care of everything else!

We guarantee lowest price, super fast shipping and most importantly 100% satisfaction.
Call us immediately @ 1.800.520.6657 or visit us @ www.GiftBasketsPlus.com


Leave Awesome Memories For Dad This Father’s Day

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Have you ever wondered why we celebrate father’s day? Well first of all it’s important to note that this isn’t an American holiday. Many of the holidays we celebrate here in the United States of America are clearly designed for American’s alone (although people outside of the USA can find just as much joy in celebrating). Father’s Day along with a few others are among those holidays that are truly global. We all have a father. And if you’re lucky enough to know your father, have a wonderful relationship with him, then it’s time to give back to him on this special day.

The holiday originated from Babylon nearly 4,215 years ago! Wow, that is a long time. I wonder if they had a big day for their dad’s before that? Hmm, I’m sure they did! It was much later introduced to America by by Sonora Dodd of Spokane, Washington in 1909. It took 57 years (wow, 57 years) for it to be recognized and ever since then it’s been celebrated year after year. I personally love this holiday because I don’t spend much time with my dad around the year so it gives me a chance to really grow our relationship.

I want to also add by saying that if your dad is still in your life, be very very thankful for it. Because not everyone has that luxury. For a close friend of mine, that would be a true father’s day gift in his view since he lost his dad several months ago and now that the holiday is around the corner he cannot help but think about his dad.

Since it truly is a global holiday, make sure you celebrate this Father’s Day with style, love, and care in the spirit of fatherhood. This holiday makes everyone remember all over again the awesome relationship we all share with our fathers. And we wanted to make this year extra special with our Father’s Day Gift Baskets selection. We’ve got more baskets, more gourmet foods, and more sports, grilling, and other favorites he is sure to love… check it out today!


Wishing Everyone A Very Happy New Year!

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I can’t believe it’s been 30 days without blogging. I used to wake up every couple of days and be so excited to post my thoughts and ramblings for you all to read. It seems like the last 45 days have been insanely busy! The gift basket industry does 50%-70% of its business in December, depending on which company you are looking at. So needless to say, doing that much business in about 20 days creates lots of activity and very little sleep – so that’s why the blogging has been non existent lately, that shall change!

So we came out with our Christmas collection and it was a success. We had our best month ever and our customers absolutely loved the products. We got loads of feedback on our service and products, it seems like just about everyone was really happy (there are some people you can’t please, no matter how hard you try – which is OK). Now that the season is behind us, there’s an entire fresh new year ahead of us. Here are some things I’m personally working on:

I love this time of year for several reasons. One because my birthday is in December. Two because I get to look back at 2010 and see if I hit my goals and achieved everything I wanted to. Unfortunately I can’t say yes to everything but I’m optimistic in the sense that setting my goals for 2011 should be a big success! I suggest you buy a journal, write down all your goals today, and look at them every single day until each & every single one of them is achieved.

I’d love to hear what you did for Christmas, what goals you set for the new year ahead of us, and what you’ve been up to. Please leave a comment below, shoot me a tweet on Twitter, drop me a line on Facebook, or just send me an email – I love hearing from you all. Here’s to an awesome, successful, and happy new year 2011 ahead of us :)


Is The Third Time Really The Charm? Gurbaksh Chahal

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Serial entrepreneur Gurbaksh Chahal has had a fascinating story to say the least. Although at first glance at the picture above you see a rich, successful, and good looking guy that’s not how his life began. Far from it. He was born in a very small area of Punjab known as Tarn Taran Sahib where opportunities are few and not easy to come by. As luck would have it his parents won the lottery! No, not the kind where you make millions – the kind where you get to move to the United States.

So they arrived with literally nothing to their name. The children came soon after. The story of struggle is the best way to put it. Struggle to fit in, struggle to survive, and the ambition to make something out of yourself. Gurbaksh aka G did just that. He sold his first company to (Click Agents) ValueClick for $40MM. He sold his second company (Blue Lithium) to Yahoo for $330MM. And now he’s on his third venture – Radium One.

Most people say the third time’s the charm but in the G’s case he hit bigger then 99.9% of people his first time around. If you haven’t read his book, “The Dream” you should absolutely pick it up today. It’s one of the best books ever. Even if you aren’t into business it’s a must read. I think his third time to bat will be bigger then the first two combined and wish him the best of luck. What makes him successful is hunger. When you start with nothing and want success more then anything because failure isn’t an option, guess what? You find a way, and that’s what G did quiet quickly.

Hey Gurbaksh, if you ever stumble upon this blog post, I’m a huge fan – best of luck to you with Radium One!

And for all of you who are keeping your eye close for our Christmas announcements, they’ll be coming out in mid November. Instead of begin traditional we’ve done some creative gift baskets this season in the gourmet space. New products like our gourmet food gift baskets for consumers and gourmet corporate gift baskets for businesses will be sent out in our next newsletter, keep a look out for them!


Whoa, There’s A Second Holiday For Mother’s?

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Most people don’t know this, but the last Sunday in September is Gold Star Mother’s Day. It’s ironic because the typical holiday is celebrated in another part of the year, but this one is a federal holiday where the president is requested to come out. When’s the last time you saw that happen on a regular Mother’s Day?

Here’s a snippet from the proclamation:

Gold Star Mother’s Day as a public expression of the love, sorrow, and reverence of the people for Gold Star Mothers.

One of the girls at our company has a little passion for poetry to say the least and she wanted to write a few lines for the blog today. She said it’s a remix to another poem, but check it out anyways:

A mother sends out her dreams into the ocean;
We, the words are streaming towards the light,
The eggs of rock, the shards of hope.

Because she must finalize her beat
And fall back to the delicious dark hush of 1,
A mother sends out her dreams into the ocean

And in the spirit of the holiday no one seems to know about, we’re dropping prices on all of our Mother’s Day gift baskets by over thirty percent! Other holiday presents that have been reduced also include Easter gift baskets and Wedding gift baskets for no other reason then to give all the loyal customers a slick deal! Enjoy and be sure to tell your mother you love her mucho…


There’s Always Something To Be Happy About

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There’s a great quote that goes like this: Joy is very infectious, therefore, be always full of joy. I really like this quote not because of how truthful it is but because of how uncommon it is. If you’re like most people, and I used to be one of those people, I relied in the external world to find my happiness. If there wasn’t anything in the external world to be happy about, then my mood was normal. If something in the external world wasn’t going right, my level of happiness declined.

That was until I realized something very important, which is outlined in the quote above very indirectly. You choose to be happy. It’s completely in your control. Any emotion you ever feel with very few exceptions are always in your hands. The problem is we choose to be automatic and not take control of them. There are two worlds that humans operate in – the inner & the outer.

Unfortunately you cannot control your outer world. Things just happen that you have zero influence over. If something is going on in the economy or if someone else does something you don’t like, you have zero choice over it. Trying to decide what other people, events, or the planet does is a losing game. What you do have control over is how you react to them.

Breathe, absorb, take it all in, and relax because the truth of the matter is life goes on. Always be happy and always keep smiling. Life could be a lot worse. Two thirds of the world lives on a few bucks a day. There are billions of people who haven’t made it to this era we are all living in.

And when there are specific occasions to be happy about (I say that with a sense of irony), you can make them even better by sending things like Christmas Gift Baskets which isn’t too far away. If you really love someone and want to show them, do it everyday but on February 14th be sure to send them one of our Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets. And if you just want to go a little wild this October, trick or treat to the new Halloween Gift Baskets we are creating.

Life is good, enjoy it for all it has to offer!


The Bells Are Ringing Again, But On A Shoestring

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It’s that time of the year when the family gets together, delicious meals are shared, gifts are given, memories are made, and moments are treasured – of course I’m talking about Christmas! Well almost, four months and counting… But you can never be too early or prepare too much for such a busy holiday – specially when it comes to buying Christmas gift baskets, all sorts of foods, trees, and a dozen other things!

Everything is nearly the same except the unfortunate recession/depression. With so many people unemployed, uncertain, and worried about what tomorrow will bring the holidays should be a time of relaxation, not stress. If you’re on a shoestring budget like many Americans are this year, you can still have an awesome time without breaking the bank.

Here are four neat tips to note:

  1. Set a budget and stick to it
  2. Use coupons because every penny counts
  3. Choose generic over brands… it’s all the same
  4. Everything is negotiable

Well rest assured we’ve got your needs for holiday gift baskets taken care of, but I can’t speak for everything else on your to do list! The personalized gift baskets our team has designed this year are sure to put the joy back into this gift-giving season. We put all our heart and soul into these so you can hand them to your loved ones with pride. These are available in different designs, materials and sizes so no matter who you need to surprise, you’re sure to find something.