Say Thank You With Some Class and Style Today!

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And if you prefer reading instead, here you go:

Do you want to thank or appreciate your friend, family member, colleague, or just someone who has done something nice for you?
Don’t have a clue on what to give them in return?
Then picking one of these products will work marvelously.
GIFT BASKET PLUS is delivering happiness in a box since 1998.
Some of the products in our thank you gift baskets will include:
• Gourmet thank you
• Thanks a million
• A grand world of thanks Gourmet gift basket
• Golden state greeting and much more
We have exclusive designs not found in stores to make sure your gifting is unique and classy.
One of the most thoughtful ways to say thank you is by sending a present containing the person’s favorite delicacies.
You can include a selection of his or her favorite cookies, cakes, pastries, muffins, chocolates, snacks, biscotti, desserts, candies, and so on.
Just make sure that you know his or her favorite kind and flavor.
Call us immediately @ 1.800.520.6657 or visit us @ www.GiftBasketsPlus.com.


To All Of Our Loyal Customers: Thank You!

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We just had our biggest week of the year and it’s all thanks to our loyal customers who keep on coming back to us on every holiday, every occasion, every month, and every time they need a gift basket. It’s because of you that we can continue to innovate and offer new fresh products. It’s because of you that we get up every morning to run the business. It’s because of you that we are in business, and this is our way of saying thank you (with a special promotion at the end for all you repeat customers).

You see, typically in this market sales are very seasonal. On a boring day (like today) there isn’t much going on. Yes, people do call in to chat with our representatives about past orders, questions, and such. Sales still roll in slowly but surely. But it is nothing like on a holiday (like Mother’s Day) which just past. Every minute there are new orders coming in, new phone calls coming in, corporate deals being worked out, products being launched, emails being responded to – and this happens, minute by minute – from 8am to 8pm, non-stop.

Mother’s Day just past (Happy Mother’s Day to all of you beautiful moms out there!) and boy it was insanely busy. It was the biggest week of the year. In fact, we did more in sales from May 1st – May 8th then we did in all of January! Yes, 7 days beat out 31 days – an entire month just because of a holiday. And not only was it beat by a little bit, but it was beat by a huge margin!

Here’s what we want to do for every single customer who has purchased with us before (not just a Mother’s Day Gift Basket) but any type, any time, over the last 10 years… Send an email to sales@giftbasketsplus.com with your order number and your favorite type of gift basket. It could be anything that we sell, over 1,000+ different types. We’re going to hook up awesome discounts, free shipping, and even more – just send over an email today… (Offer expires May 30th, 2011).


Expanding Our Product Selection

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Back in 1998 someone had the wonderful idea of selling gift baskets online. They started a website called Gift Baskets Plus and it took off in a heart beat. They loved running the company, it was a blast, and was very fulfilling to do. They ran the company hard with 100% effort, energy, & soul for many many years. Then what happened? I’m not sure, but the website was no longer active. And I can only assume they enjoyed it and gave it all their heart because of the marketing efforts put in.

But soon enough, the website that once had been was no longer available. You couldn’t buy anything, see anything, and it had very little to do with gift baskets. Basically an ad page owned by a domain name company. In late 2010 I saw the hidden opportunity and struck a deal with the owner & acquired the website. Today it’s back at it’s finest selling the finest baskets money can by at affordable prices and super awesome service. Our customers love us and their loyalty to us speaks for itself!

Now we’ve decided to expand our product selection by going into new niche markets. The new holding company is called zqStores LLC and we plan on being in 6 total markets (including gift baskets) before April 2011. Here is a quick list:

  1. Gift Baskets
  2. Wedding
  3. Baby
  4. Fitness
  5. Maybe Patio (still undecided)
  6. To be decided

We look forward to the expansion and will keep everyone updated via our blog. If you’ve enjoyed this website, you’ll be sure to enjoy our other selections. So be sure to keep a look out & we look forward to serving you in one of our other stores soon :)


Sharing My Personal Dreams of Travel

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I’d like to share with you all one of my personal dreams that I’m aiming for within the next two years. The official date to start is January 1st, 2013. It came about when I was designing our new baby gift baskets, so the dream is to spend that year traveling to 12 different countries around the world, 1 per month. Having lived in the same city for a very long time I really would like to see other parts of the world. In fact, I’ve only left the United States once and that was when I was 2 years old – so I don’t remember anything of substance!

A lot of my inspiration to travel comes from Tim Ferriss (best-selling author of “The 4-Hour Work Week” & soon to be “The 4-Hour Body”). He spent years working only a handful of hours every week, outsourcing everything else, and spending his time traveling the world & doing all sorts of fun experiments. I love that lifestyle because time is our most valuable resource. Many people think money (which is important) but time is running out second by second, and when it’s gone… well, it’s gone. Although I love putting the finishing touches on food gift baskets corporate gifts or creating marketing strategies to show consumers that cheap gift baskets are a big no no, I’d also like some time to myself…

Here are some of the countries on my list for 2013:

  1. El Salvador – bars, museums, & beaches
  2. Germany – history, hedonism, & happiness
  3. Greece – beautiful, creative, & lots of fun
  4. Malaysia – affordable, culture driven, & interesting
  5. Morocco – exotic, classy, & hospitality

Do you have any dreams you’d like to share with me & the other readers? If so I’d love to hear about them!


Sometimes You Can’t Fake It Till Ya Make It

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It’s funny how my three favorite television shows ended week after week. The good news is when they come back they will all come back together and I’ll have something exciting to do on those weekday nights outside of working! Not to mention any left over holiday gift baskets will be all mine! If you don’t follow me, the three programs I am referring to are:

1) Burn Notice – I’ve been a die hard fan since the first day this one came out and haven’t missed a single episode. Matt Nix the creator is a genius and the actors inside Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell, and Sharon Gless are beyond amazing when it comes to playing a role. I typically watch this one on Friday nights while snacking on the food gift baskets around the office!

2) White Collar – Also another creative mind behind the series (Jeff Eastin), it’s mainly a crime kind of show where the bad guy & good guy work together to solve crimes. The bad guy (Matt Bomer aka Neil Caffrey) is an ex-con turned FBI agent and the good guy (Tim DeKay aka Peter Burke) is his partner.

3) Covert Affairs – Slightly new but super interested with a neat twist played by two main characters Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham. One of which is a woman who was dumped by her lover turned to the CIA & is now doing some crazy missions. And the other being a blind man who assists her through them.

If you aren’t watching any of these check them out ASAP! And the reason I say fake it is because a new show called “Under Covers” recently begin and quiet honestly it’s fake. The actors aren’t really into it, the action is weak, and the story lines don’t have any juice to them. Just not an enjoyable experience, but one experience that is enjoyable is indulging yourself in our new kosher gift baskets – sorry, I couldn’t resist!


Why Shows Like Burn Notice Are So Successful

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There are a million TV shows out now. Every channel needs them because they make massive advertising dollars through viewers gluing their eyes to find out what happens next. But how come some shows become super successful and others never even make a name for themselves. It’s not because of how long they’ve been around

A great proof of this is Burn Notice. It came out of nowhere and quickly moved towards the top of most popular shows watched. In fact at one point it had many millions of viewers which made it the most watched show on cable. The genius behind the show is Matt Nix and the four main characters are Jeffrey Donovan, Sharon Gless (his mom), Gabrielle Anwar (his ex-girlfriend), and Bruce Campbell (his best friend).

Many people would assume the show is successful because of the creator Matt and the four amazing characters. While it’s true that Jeffrey is very exciting to watch, Bruce is hilarious, Sharon is dramatic beyond measure, and Gabrielle is really attractive it’s not the deciding factor. At least in my opinion what makes the show so successful is the excitement, the interlaced stories, what’s going to happen next, and the cliffhangers at the end of EVERY SINGLE EPISODE – not one episode goes by without a crazy ending.

We tried to imitate these ideas in our coffee gift baskets by creating excitement. If you like variety in your life, then our gourmet gift baskets do that by including extras so you’ll never know what’s going to come out next. And if you really want a cliffhanger just try thinking about how we make that happen in our fruit gift baskets (hint: you’ll never figure it out, hmm!).


Our CEO Got An Interesting Phone Call

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This one is dedicated to all of our long time fans who have called, emailed, and a few exceptions who have literally begged us to begin carrying a wider variety of products that surpass the gift basket product lines we currently offer on our website. I’m sure everyone who follows the blog falls in some category, so let me tell you what happened the other day.

We have the coolest CEO on the planet and he happen to get a phone call from another company in this market. They came across our website, read our blog, and really liked what they saw. So the owner of the business gave our CEO a phone call and asked him to grab lunch and talk about potentially working together over a wonderful Chinese Food meal!

When he turned from lunch, there was a pretty big announcement. We’re becoming partners on adding A LOT of new products and categories at that main site. Reason being they make perfect sense to add and not only have our customers requested these on many occasions but the staff is also super passionate about this strategic move.

You may be wondering what the new goodies will be? Well for that answer you’ll just have to wait and see. But I will give you a tiny hint (even though we aren’t allowed to speak much about it!) – they are similar to our snack gift baskets, have the freshness of our fruit gift baskets, and will probably remind you of our coffee gift baskets. Give us a month then come back to check out how everything is presented – you WILL be surprised!

So if you have any guesses, leave them in the comments below – we’d love to hear your thoughts…