Our Top Three Valentine Gift Baskets

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Many customers have been looking at all the different Valentine Gift Baskets available on our website this year (over forty four never before seen baskets!) and just love them all. They don’t know which one to go with and have been asking for recommendations. Although we believe every single one is a fantastic choice, there are a couple that really stand out among the crowd for a variety of reasons, and I’d like to point them out in this blog post for anyone still not sure which one to go with.

1) A Day of Spa and Wine

This one really stands out because it’s combining the best of both worlds – the world of luxurious spa and the world of fine wines. Let her spend the entire day indulging and thinking of you with lotion, gel, milk bath, tea light candles, gourmet cookies, and a fantastic bottle of fine wine!

2) Valentine Chocolate Sweets and Treats

Who doesn’t love chocolate, specially on February 14th? This tower has a combination of her favorite chocolates from the world famous Ghirardelli company, chocolate drizzled gourmet popcorn, chocolate squares, and white & milk chocolate covered sandwich cookies. You simply cannot go wrong with this choice, they will love it.

3) Forever My Valentine

Before even talking about the contents of this gift, have a look at the very cool and modern design! It will stand out and you will want to keep the packaging because that’s how beautiful it is. You’ll find cookies, hearts, truffles, fortune cookies, pretzels, fruits, and so much more inside. For the affordable price and gorgeous design, this has been a big hit.

Also keep in mind, for 24 hours only, all 44 Valentine choices are 25% off – don’t wait another minute, grab one today while supplies last! One other thing, we’d love to hear your testimonials and there’s a good chance you will be featured on our home-page if you have something really special to say. We love hearing your stories, send one in today… And of course, Happy Valentine’s Day from the entire staff at GiftBasketsPlus.com


The Unique Vibe A Gift Basket Can Give

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A gift can be for many occasions. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Housewarming and even events of people
falling sick can all be events where gifts are warranted. But the main questions of what to gift and how
much to spend can be a challenging. People are often plagued by these questions which can be very
tricky and sometimes almost impossible to answer.

A gift basket is a very eloquent gift for all occasions and reasons. People who spend a little time buying
a good gift basket seldom find disappointment in the eyes of the receivers. Completely covering all
occasions, gift baskets project an image of style, grace and dignity and also provide while providing
suitable answers to the questions posed above. There is a tremendous variety of gift baskets that are
available which cater to the needs of virtually every occasion in this world.

Edible Gift Baskets are a very broad classification within the gift basket market. These can be of various
varieties and are generally very novel in their themes. Edible gift Baskets generally have an assortment
of snacks and sweets but the novelty lies in the fact that the basket that holds these items is also edible.
Generally consisting of a tray of edible sugar paper, these gift baskets can be fun in several ways to the
gift giver and the receiver.

A variety of theme based fruit gift baskets are also available in most stores. Themes such as Halloween,
Football, movie popcorn and so on are widely used and the assortment of snacks and sweets in these
always pertain to the theme involved. Edible Gift Baskets may be simply of chocolate and some dressing;
other more extravagant ones are very large with a vast arrangement of assorted goodies that can boggle
the minds of the people on the receiving end.

Edible Gift Baskets may also have themes centered on special occasions like birthdays and
anniversaries. These are widely popular as they succinctly and effortlessly imply the underlying
happiness of the occasion. Goodbye and Welcome gif hampers are often placed in the rooms of hotels
as a method of promotion and thanks to the customers.

A unique thing about Edible Gift Baskets is the trays that are used for carrying the goodies. Generally
made out of sugar paper or some other edible paper material, these trays are molded into beautiful
trays depending on the purpose of the gift. Although the variety is not large but the several designs that
are available are unique and very ornate. These make extremely suitable for gifting on special occasions
and such.

The theme based Edible Gift Baskets may not always have an edible base as these things become a
consideration of size and weight, however, they are equally fun and every item in these hampers is
edible and more than tasty. Depending on the occasion, the snacks and sweets that are available are
extremely pertinent and they add to the fun of the occasion. There may also be drinks such as cider or
wine in these baskets but such sets are few in number and hard to find. This makes them even more
exotic and special and for formal occasions, such gifts are perfect.


How Donald Trumped The Masses & Made Billions

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If there’s one guy who could careless about what the masses think it’s Donald Trump. If there’s one girl whose learned from him it’s Kate Klemens. For all of you new readers that would be me! I’m not sure what’s up but in the last couple of weeks the traffic to the blog has been blazing. Everything I post somehow spreads through the circle of social media. If I Google, Twitter, & Facebook my posts they are viral which is good to know!

Today I’d like to talk about Mr. Trump because I am in love with The Apprentice. Every single Thursday I look forward to it. They put a unique twist on it with a recession theme. Although the guy has cool charisma, ridiculous business acumen, and billions of dollars what I really admire about him is the confidence to do his own thing. He doesn’t listen to what other people think about it, he does what he thinks.

For example, when The Apprentice first came out people had all sorts of criticism. Like women would never watch it, who wants to watch business on TV, and they only signed him for one season. Needless to say it’s one of the most successful shows and gets millions upon millions of viewers. Similar things happened when we introduced our lines of unique Christmas gift baskets and thanksgiving gift baskets – why don’t you sell what’s selling, no one wants to buy stuff for thanksgiving, etc… we smiled & proceeded anyways! It turns out people want to buy fresh cut fruit gift baskets!

So next time people criticize you, do it anyways. The haters will always try to stop you from success. As Trump would say, “Go Big Or Go Home” – my personal advice would be to learn from these (like Donald) who’ve made it and follow in their footsteps. Don’t follow what your neighbors are doing unless they’ve done what you want to do. You are who you hang around with. Be sure to catch The Apprentice every Thursday night and learn from the master of real estate!


Is The Cardigan Really That Exclusive

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Winter is coming up soon so me and one of my good friends went shopping to warm things up a bit. You maybe wondering why we’re shopping for winter clothing in September. Several reasons. We live in Atlanta and the weather changes by the minute. It could be sunny one day, raining the next day, snowing the next day, and a mixture of the three the next. I’ve never seen patterns like this, poor people that work at the weather stations must be confused all the time.

Another reason is the pricing. So if you go shopping for jackets when jackets are selling off the shelves guess what kind of price your going to end up paying? Exactly. On the flip side if you buy a pair of sunglasses when it’s freezing cold outside and then sun hasn’t shown up in many months you will definitely score a deal. And no matter how much money one has, everyone likes a slick deal!

Back to the story, so we we enter the Mall of Georgia and go to Macy’s. My girlfriend looks at a cardigan sweater and wants to buy several of them. I asked her what’s so exclusive about a cardigan and she instantly said they are unique. I begged to differ. They were unique, were being the keyword… like in 2008 two years ago. Everyone and their mother wears these things now.

That’s why it’s so important for us to evolve and keep bringing you all unique products that you haven’t seen before such as snack gift baskets that don’t all have the same bag of chips in them. Or what about gourmet cheese gift baskets that have been imported from all around the world, not just Wisconsin. And if you really want to get unique, how about baking our cookie gift baskets the same day we ship them so they taste just like they came out of the oven, every bite is delicious!


How We Surprised 5 Customers For Labor Day

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Although we’re two days away from Labor Day here in the United States of America, we went all out for it 48 hours ago so it makes perfect sense to post this today. And to be honest I can’t think of anything else to write about! Seriously though, for the people who are outside of our lovely country and don’t celebrate it it’s something that’s observed on the first Monday of every September and has been for many decades.

Quick background: New York City had the honor of celebrating the first one back in September 5th, 1882 and not one year has gone by where it isn’t a big deal here. Not only that, it’s a state holiday in all 50 so no work and no school – just relaxation. Anyways, we like to do crazy and unique things for our customers we we decided to pick five random ones and send them an extra large present for no other reason then to have fun. So check out some of the goodies we sent out:

  1. Snack Time Junk Food – Food Gift Baskets
  2. The Chocoholic’s Survival Kit – Yummy Chocolate
  3. The Tower of Treats – Cookie Gift Baskets
  4. Spring Mini Picnic Hamper – Chunky Snacks
  5. Simply Delicious Cheese & Sausage – Cheese Gift Baskets

If you’re one of the lucky five who got these, we’d love to hear from you! Give us a call, shoot us an email, get on live chat, or even leave a comment below. Since it was our first time doing something like this, we’re all curious to see your reactions…


Great Gift Baskets For All Sorts Of Professionals

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If you’re a professional pursuing a career then the last thing on your mind should be gift giving. Next time you need to send something to a client, why not go with unique gift baskets that are sure to work wonders?

Let’s use some real world examples to illustrate:

1) Real Estate

Next time you sell a high priced home, say thank you in a marketing message that is sure to gain trust and loyalty. We can even customize a letter inside to make sure you get called upon for the next sale. People have even gone as far as sending spa gift baskets as a luxurious thank you.

2) Brick & Mortar Retail

Do you have someone who comes through the store and spends a lot of money on a regular basis? Instead of saying “We appreciate your business”, let your message be heard instead. Take a sports store that sells apparel, gear, and all sorts of accessories – well, giving out sports gift baskets maybe a neat idea.

3) Medical Industry

We all have a great respect for the medical industry. Long hours, hard work, and stress are always on the list. Get some relief with a gourmet gift basket and let someone enjoy themselves on the house.

4) Internet Marketing

If you spend your day in front of a screen all day long, how cool would it be to receive a basket filled with your favorite snacks. Heck, you can even enjoy them while working late.

5) Endless Options

We outlined a handful of options above, but the fact of the matter is you can fill in the blank with anything and send a gift basket to set things right and say all the right things!