Best 2012 Christmas Gift Ideas from GiftBasketsPlus.com

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GiftBasketsPlus.com is truly well known for their unparalleled customer care. Their wide variety of Gift Baskets for any occasion and customer satisfaction has made GiftBasketsPlus.com an industry pioneer for nearly 15 years. This season they have chosen to publish their first ever buying guide to simplify their customers decision making process. With enjoyable and delicious categories, this gift guide truly surely has something for everyone’s taste buds.

For the Beer Enthusiast:
Beer in a basket! The beer guys and gals on the list will be effortlessly won over with the Christmas Ale’s basket. Annually  the brewers at Anchor Steam have produced an original and exceptional Christmas Ale. A rich, dark spiced ale, is their secret to spreading Christmas joy all of the years. Amaze someone with the gift of  a fresh tradition.

For the Health Nut:
The health nut on your list will go crazy over the Organic Fruit Sparkler Gift Basket. Crisp red and green organic apples, juicy organic oranges, fresh organic sparkling apple juice make this gift basket a healthy gift and delicious treat.

For the Chocoholic:
Melt the hearts of the chocoholics on your list with the Fantastic Godiva Tower. Who wouldn’t adore to see a tower of chocolate underneath of the tree? Various soft and          creamy milk and dark chocolate gems, extremely beautiful chocolate cashews, chocolate covered pretzels, all stuffed inside a a four-piece tower makes this a totally one-of-   a-kind surprise.

For the Caffeine Fiend:
Skip the Starbucks gift card and give the java or tea admirer on your list something they can appreciate from home. The Deluxe Starbucks Gift Basket will help keep their caffeine desires fulfilled completely straight into the New Year. It’s jam-packed with Starbucks top selling ground coffees, teas, and not to mention VIA for anyone on-the-go!

For the Cookie Monster:
A tub of over 140 mouth watering cookies will keep any cookie monster content. The Mrs. Fields Deluxe Cookie Selection basket offers a collection of bite sized cookie favorites and brownies from the notorious baking queen Mrs. Fields.

For the Wine Connoisseur:
Like chocolate, when buying wine, don’t just make do with any kind of wine tossed inside of a gift basket. The Holiday Party basket includes Two bottles of fine Reindeer Ranch wine. Amid fine treats like  Sonoma Jack cheese, crisp water crackers, Napa Valley mini mustard, chocolate covered walnuts this basket would be the ideal coupling for your wine connoisseur.

Giftbasketsplus.com has lots of  baskets loaded with edible and non-edible choices to assist you in making someone’s Christmas brilliant in 2012. From golf gift baskets to spa day baskets, the gift inspirations are never ending upon their easy to use website. Go to the site to discover each one of their fantastically fashioned tins, towers, boxes, stockings, and of course, gift baskets.

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Cookies – By Far The Best Choice, Yummm!

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Children love cookies. There can be no denying that the bible of every child holds the key to salvation as
candy. Cookie Gift Baskets make for the best gifts for children on their birthdays and all other
special occasion. These gift baskets which come in a large variety of themes and sizes are the dream of
every child as they cover a large amount of goodies and can provide the toothy satisfaction that is the
goal of every child.

However, it would not be fair to say that Snack/Candy Gift Baskets are made only for the pleasure of
kids. A large population of adults who enjoy sweetmeats and savory snacks can find the very same
pleasure in these gift baskets. There are several theme based Snack/Candy Gift Baskets that provide
adults with as much fun as kids.

Theme based and Occasion based Snack/Candy Gift Baskets, can provide huge amounts of goodies in
one package. Snacks such as bread sticks, cheese, crackers, pretzels, chips and mixed nuts accompany
a mind boggling assortment of sweetmeats such as pastries, biscotti’s, cookies, chocolate bars and
small candy. The options are large in number and the variety of themes to choose from is far more.
From adult based themes such as poker night, golf, beer and football, to children’s themes such as
superheroes, birthdays, Halloween and movies.

The Snack/Candy Gift Baskets are suitable for any age, occasion and event. They also include several
unique items depending on the theme of the gift basket. The poker theme based gift basket may carry
a pack of fresh playing cards, the beer theme based gif basket may carry beer and the golf ball theme
based gift basket may carry a sleeve of golf balls. This kind of accompaniment ensures that the theme of
the gift basket is well highlighted and also makes the gift a little extra special for the receiver.

Customers may also have the facility of developing their own Snack/Candy Gift Baskets in order
to make sure that the true essence of the requirement is captured. The vast variety and flexibility
in snacks, sweets and themes used, ensures a unique gift basket every time and thereby holds the
receiver’s interest for a long time as well. These gift baskets may also be designed to a very elaborate
and opulent stature. High priced and extremely valuable items used in the gift basket make them very
formal and stylish and are thereby a very good gift in corporate and other formal settings. Snack/
Candy Gift Baskets may include high quality items such as expensive wine, imported cheese, gourmet
snacks and custom made souvenirs and in some cases even expensive items such as perfume, etc. These
gift baskets are usually used in very formal and high society scenarios but they make for extremely
sophisticated and elegant gifts.

It can be seen therefore that Snack/Candy Gift Baskets make for great gifts with a very pertinent focus
on satisfaction, fun and in some cases high levels of elegance a flexible and fast way of putting together
the perfect gift for every special occasion, for children and adults as well.


Why We Avoid Being Cheap & Focus On Quality

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Although I’m not in charge of customer service at the company, I enjoy helping out with it on the weekends. Unlike most companies where they only answer the phones Mon-Fri 9am-5pm we answer the phones 7 days a week at just about anytime. In fact I got a call at 3am on a Saturday night about two weeks ago for a last minute present. I was happy to help and we got her order straight out the door Sunday morning.

Out of curiosity I asked her if sending gift baskets next day delivery was really needed because it’s much more expensive that way. She had ordered a baby baskets gift so my thought process went something like this. The baby probably doesn’t care whether she gets it tomorrow or a few days later. In fact, she probably doesn’t even know it’s on her way. So why spend the extra money to get it there so fast?

Her answer was really interesting to me. She answered by asking another question: Do you have any idea why I’m calling you all instead of all the other companies listed at 3am when I could’ve easily gone elsewhere. I answered: We have awesome service, products, & prices. She said: Partially that’s true, but it’s because you all aren’t trying to save the last time & are more concerned with the quality of what you send out. I had a huge smile on my face :)

We really don’t spare expenses when we could easily do so. And the truth is those expenses DON’T get past onto our customers. Our #1 priority, policy, and focus in the happiness of the customer. To learn more about our philosophy check out Zappos.com – and read the best selling book by CEO Tony Hsieh. We were extremely inspired by what they do & have taken up similar views on culture, loyalty, and service.( specially when designing the unique corporate gift baskets soon to come!)


Why Being A Complete Rebel Can Work To Your Advantage

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Every week I come here and post something that’s growing big time in popularity. We’ve discussed trends that are happening, how to surprise people, and other similar topics. But today I’d like to do something a bit different and go into story mode for this category. Because what’s to say that popular is always best?

In the early years of life, basically up until graduating high school popularity was where it was at. If you were the popular sports jock or cheerleader in high school, you were awesome. In middle school if you had the coolest “stuff” you suddenly became the coolest “dude. And going back all the way to elementary and prior to, bringing chocolate chip cookies for the class gave you mad points!

Today things are much different. Things have come a long way and For anyone whose been living under a rock for the last decade or so, the picture above is of Steve Jobs who is the co-founder and current CEO of Apple. He’s been a rebel his entire life going against the crowd and boy has it paid off for him. So maybe this proves the point that doing what the masses are doing isn’t always the best choice.

Here’s a phenomenal and motivating speech by the man himself:

And the reason I bring this up is we’ve taken up this philosophy here. Just the other day I was browsing our gift baskets for him and noticed a mixture in cost. After looking around we decided to do a lowest price guarantee and speed up shipping (you can find these two in graphics at the top of every page in the store). We’ve done the same across the gift baskets for her and gift baskets for kids product lines as well. If we had just gone with the flow & did what everybody else in the industry is doing we would have never made these changes. Just goes to show going against the herd pays off well!


Who Gets To Decide These Trends Anyways

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Have you ever wondered why something is really cool? I sure have. It seems like every year something becomes the hot new trend and at the same time something else just disappears from the minds of consumers. Well why does that one thing become the flavor of the year while the other thing becomes obsolete. (Before you read the rest of this post, maybe it would be a fun idea to post your thoughts in the comments below and then come back to finish up!)

It just so happens that YOU get to decide these trends today. Things used to be different though, much different. Advertising and marketing companies sat around in a room and said “What can we make really cool and sell to the public this month”. Let’s make these Armani Exchange Sunglasses really cool and market the hell out of them by running television ads, having celebrities wear them, put them on magazine covers, and using our connections to get free press releases.

Although that is still true to a certain extent today, things have changed dramatically. Because of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Bloggers (like me!), and social media in general the game has become much different. Today 80% of what’s in is decided by the people and 20% is artificially created by companies.

I’ll be the first to admit that those brands will always have some say in deciding trends but that 20% will become 10%, then 5%, and will probably stay there. Why? Because they have resources, human capital, mass media and billions of dollars in cash. The average person isn’t going to be able to compete with that and nor do they need to. The cream is quickly rising to the top my friends. For example, looking at our companies evolution we used to put what we thought was cool on our home-page. Now we put best sellers (decided by umm you!) on there instead.

At one point we only had gift baskets for women on the front page because we thought that was popular but on the flip side we start selling a lot of gift baskets for men so now the home-page is a mixture of the two categories. Gift baskets for children were the last three products on every page but after seeing what our customers ordered most they have become in the top 20 on nearly every section.


Surprise The Man In Your Life

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For most guys, the idea of getting a gift basket isn’t exactly typical to say the least. Reason being most of them aren’t filled with footballs, beers, and barbecue sets. The average person thinks of them being loaded will “girlie stuff” such as yoga guides, bath collections, and elegant flowers. Well that’s exactly why we changed things up a bit and separated the two.

We now are proud to offer a product line which sells gift baskets for men and a completely separate selection which only sells gift baskets for women – because we were quick to realize that guys and gals although very similar in many ways are also extremely different in more ways then one would like to count.

Everyone has heard the old funny quotes around the subject and for the purpose of this post let’s take a quick look at your childhood. If you were a male chances are you had toys based around power rangers, army men, and race trucks. On the other side of the spectrum if you were a female you probably played with barbies and nail polish… need I say more?

So the idea is to create one from scratch which only has items suitable for guys, themes such as:

  • Sports
  • Golf
  • Football
  • Darts
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Nascar
  • Trucks
  • Barbeque
  • Tools
  • Snacks
  • Chocolates
  • Clocks
  • Cigars

Well you get the point, I could go on forever and list everything guys love! If you have kids in your life, be sure to also get them something from our gift baskets for children area. And to sum things up if you really want to do something nice for that special man in your life then treat him to a cool gift basket catered solely to this needs!