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The Four Hour [INSERT GOAL] – Tim Ferriss

If you haven’t heard of Tim Ferriss, you probably don’t read much because he has quickly became famous from writing the controversial book, “The Four Hour Week” – which was a best seller many times over on all the popular reading lists. In addition it sold millions of copies all around the world, hence it’s produced in dozens of different languages. When Tim first wrote the book he never thought it would become this popular, and boy has it taken off.

I first heard about the book through an audio interview he did with another well known internet marketing expert (I can’t remember who, it’s been a few years). After hearing the way he thinks, learning about his lifestyle, and how little he works to make an awesome living I just had to find out how. So I dropped by the local Barnes & Noble in Duluth, picked up the book along with a cup of coffee, and had a great time reading it over several days.

It turns out you can outsource just about every part of your business cheaply. The idea is to take advantage of currency rates. For example, $1 United States Dollar is $45 India Rupee as of today. The cost of living in India is also much lower because their lifestyles are much different from how luxurious most American’s live. They would be really happy making a small fraction of what the average American makes. So take off all the work on your desk, outsource it to someone cheaply, manage it for four hours a week, and enjoy your life!

In my case, I spend my time making fun gift baskets & blogging instead of doing paper work. That stuff is handled by other people, not me. My time is better spent coming up with a new idea (see our candle gift baskets!) rather then being held back by the minor details of running a business. It wouldn’t make sense to spend my valuable time doing $5/hour work because it’s worth much more then that. I certainly couldn’t come up with the new collection of holiday corporate gift baskets food we’re going to be announcing for the holiday’s if I was busy doing customer service, right?

So what are some things you could be outsourcing cheaply but for whatever reason aren’t? Leave your answer in the comments below & be sure to pick up Mr. Ferriss’s book! Here’s an interview I enjoyed of his on the Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, check it out…

POSTED ON November 15, 2010,

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