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Vanessa Fox On Google Search Marketing

Just finished reading Vanessa Fox’s book on search marketing, “Marketing in the age of Google”. This one is a must read for anyone involved in internet marketing. Our CEO purchased a bunch of copies, one for everyone in the office. We do a monthly book club in-house and try to pick something that will help grow our business.

She is a genius when it comes to search marketing and talks about how the game is evolving. Long gone are the days where you placed an ad in the classified ads in your local newspaper and expected business to boom. The world is changing quickly and it’s time to catch up. If your business doesn’t have a website and isn’t marketing online you are missing out – no question about it after reading her book.

Although it wasn’t a technical book on SEO and she even claims that it wasn’t meant for search professionals and was more targeted at small businesses & the mainstream. It was mainly about eye level strategies and an overview of her thoughts and where things are headed. The there main take aways inside are:

  1. Why Search Is Important
  2. How Can Search Can Be Incorporated Into Every Part Of Your Normal Business Process
  3. How To Use Search To Help Drive Your Product & Business Strategy

A quick example of point number three above – when our product sourcing team decided it was time to expand & grow into specialty items we use the keyword tool Vanessa talks about to find what people were searching for BEFORE we did all the hard work. We saw that the two most popular keyword phrases were get well gift baskets and thank you gift baskets – and it’s no accident that when we added them to our website they sold like crazy!

Here’s a fun video of Vanessa Fox explaining the book:

For all of you who are thinking about buying this book, don’t hesitate – it’s well worth $17 on Amazon.com!

POSTED ON September 3, 2010,

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