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We Are Crushing It Because Of Gary Vaynerchuk

When you think about the social media explosion you usually don’t relate it to retail sales. So we sell beautiful gift baskets and we’re good at that. Why would we need to have a social media person to blog, twitter, facebook, video – in other words why in the world would we create content when we do just fine creating gift baskets?

Well that was my thought process until I read the book Crush It by Gary Vee. He talks about how content is becoming the new currency and marketing is becoming hard as hell. No matter what industry you are in, you need to be pumping out good content. So I soon found out he owns Wine Library, a wine retailer. Pretty surprising, I used to think social media wasn’t created for retailers.

The guy has put out hundreds and hundreds of episodes of his TV show Wine Library TV. He’s on all the social sites, has over 800k+ followers on Twitter, and is big on Facebook as well. This totally blew me away. Not because of the numbers. But because he is selling wine. After reading the book and watching him do this for real we decided to follow.

We recently made a Twitter account and tweet daily. We’re currently designing our Facebook page. Pretty soon we’re going to begin creating videos for our get well gift baskets, thank you gift baskets, and sympathy gift baskets – that’s just to get started, we eventually want to have videos for every category. To top things off, we’re planning to do a monthly give away of 10 free gift baskets and promote it like crazy.

Thanks for inspiring us Gary. Be sure to check our WineLibrary.com, follow him on twitter.com/garyvee, and most importantly pick up the book off Amazon.com! Here’s a cool clip I was watching earlier today (Gary is a bit, well, PASSIONATE!), Building Your Personal Brand With A Social Media Presence:

POSTED ON September 15, 2010,

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