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Just Another Typical Morning At Starbucks

I couldn’t sleep much last night for some reason. Although I had been up for well over 20+ hours the day before (yes, I’m serious) I happen to only get in luckily eight hours of solid sleep. So jumped out of bed and decided to go grab something to drink. As I was hanging out at Starbucks this morning drinking a caramel machiatto, browsing the free AT&T wi-fi, and reading the Atlanta Journal Constitution the place was getting packed.

Now keep in mind it’s early Saturday morning and most people around here make a living by working long hours Monday-Friday so chances are they want to relax on the weekends. I begin to think what is it about Starbucks that makes people come back over and over again to pay for high priced drinks when there are a dozen alternatives. Not to mention the economy being in a recession and all that jazz. Any takers?

I think it’s the experience. You see, they don’t just serve you coffee like a local QuikTrip would. It’s become a fun experience, the cool thing to do, a place to relax and recharge your batteries. When I walked in today I had a perky girl behind the counter greet me in such a pleasant way I felt right at home. “Welcome to Starbucks! Isn’t it could outside today? What can I get for you today?” Wow – don’t get that kind of warm welcome at too many places these days.

After ordering my drink I realized they had free internet so I went back to my car and grabbed my laptop. When I walked back in she asked me if I would like extra caramel or any special kind of milk in my drink without me even requesting it. Nice work! I sit down at a comfortable sofa and there’s the morning paper next to me, ready to go. Here I am browsing the internet without paying a dime for it, sipping on a delicious drink, reading the morning paper, and getting treated like a queen.

This reminds me of our own processes and how we like to make ordering from us an experience as well. Don’t want to ruin the surprise if you haven’t used us yet, but when you sendĀ  Valentine’s Gift Baskets we put in a free flower without telling you so it looks really romantic. For both Father’s Day Gift Baskets and Mother’s Day Gift Baskets we put in a free card along the lines of, “Your The Best Mother/Father Anyone Could Ask For” – stuff like that just creates a wow feeling and that’s one of many secrets to why our customers love us and are very loyal!

POSTED ON September 4, 2010,

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