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Tony Hseih & Seth Godin Hanging Out In Times Square

A friend of mine sent me this and thought I should share it with our audience here. Tony came out with a new book called “Delivering Happiness” – he’s the CEO of Zappos and recently sold it to Amazon for nearly a billion dollars in stock. Having read the book this guy is an amazing entrepreneur with serious drive. But it’s not about the money.

He didn’t squeeze money out of the company and they struggled like crazy. In fact he didn’t even want to sell it but his partners at Sequoia Capital had conflicting interest and wanted an exit. Very understandable. But the bottom line is this is a movement and it’s a revolution of what really matters in life.

So another famous author Seth Godin stopped by to hang out with Tony today in Times Square. One thing that really stuck with me was this quote, “Happiness’ Best Friend Is Kindness” – I’ve been pondering on that all day. They walked the streets of New York and talked about impacting the world.

In a way I genuinely believe we’re delivering happiness this year for mother’s and father’s on holiday’s such as sending out mother’s day gift baskets and father’s day gift baskets. For every employee that works at our company, they get free birthday gift baskets on their special day. A few more things like this are being done in-house as well to just create a bit of happiness and joy!

POSTED ON September 15, 2010,

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