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Just Got Home From The Life Cafe

I’m really into working out, staying healthy, and maintaining an all around body shape. I get the irony in that we sell foods that are so good it’s hard to put them down. And I’ll be the first to admit that I love good food (like, a lot!). But at the same time I found a way to balance that out by going to Lifetime Fitness at least three to four times a week. That way I burn off whatever I eat.

So I walk into the gym early today, 7am sharp. I’ve been skipping workout for nearly four weeks because my car was at the Mercedez Benz repair center (long story) and they managed to take an extra two weeks to get something really simple handled. Anyways, I had an awesome work out:

Cardio: 45 minute power fun

Muscle: 30 minute weight lifting session

Relaxation: 20 minute spa, 15 minute shower

Wow, I was really tired at this point because when you don’t work out for nearly a month and then go back to such an intense work out it takes a while to get the ball rolling again. I hadn’t eaten breakfast before I left the house (dumb move), so I stopped by the LifeCafe inside Lifetime Fitness. Why?

It wasn’t because of the wait, I live three minutes away and could have easily waited. It wasn’t because of the urgency, the cafe was packed with people. It wasn’t because of the service or friends although they are very friendly I don’t know anyone who personally works there. The real reason was because of the tasty foods, they are just so good.

And although we do all of those things (service, selection, low prices, etc) the number one reason why I believe we’re successful at what we do is because of the food. Stuffing our baby gift baskets with welcoming gifts must help. Loading our sports gift baskets with more junk food for all the guys out there is another big one. And searching the globe for luxuries to fill up the spa gift baskets really makes magic happen!

POSTED ON September 16, 2010,

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