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Is The Third Time Really The Charm? Gurbaksh Chahal

Serial entrepreneur Gurbaksh Chahal has had a fascinating story to say the least. Although at first glance at the picture above you see a rich, successful, and good looking guy that’s not how his life began. Far from it. He was born in a very small area of Punjab known as Tarn Taran Sahib where opportunities are few and not easy to come by. As luck would have it his parents won the lottery! No, not the kind where you make millions – the kind where you get to move to the United States.

So they arrived with literally nothing to their name. The children came soon after. The story of struggle is the best way to put it. Struggle to fit in, struggle to survive, and the ambition to make something out of yourself. Gurbaksh aka G did just that. He sold his first company to (Click Agents) ValueClick for $40MM. He sold his second company (Blue Lithium) to Yahoo for $330MM. And now he’s on his third venture – Radium One.

Most people say the third time’s the charm but in the G’s case he hit bigger then 99.9% of people his first time around. If you haven’t read his book, “The Dream” you should absolutely pick it up today. It’s one of the best books ever. Even if you aren’t into business it’s a must read. I think his third time to bat will be bigger then the first two combined and wish him the best of luck. What makes him successful is hunger. When you start with nothing and want success more then anything because failure isn’t an option, guess what? You find a way, and that’s what G did quiet quickly.

Hey Gurbaksh, if you ever stumble upon this blog post, I’m a huge fan – best of luck to you with Radium One!

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POSTED ON October 21, 2010,

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