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Leave Awesome Memories For Dad This Father’s Day

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate father’s day? Well first of all it’s important to note that this isn’t an American holiday. Many of the holidays we celebrate here in the United States of America are clearly designed for American’s alone (although people outside of the USA can find just as much joy in celebrating). Father’s Day along with a few others are among those holidays that are truly global. We all have a father. And if you’re lucky enough to know your father, have a wonderful relationship with him, then it’s time to give back to him on this special day.

The holiday originated from Babylon nearly 4,215 years ago! Wow, that is a long time. I wonder if they had a big day for their dad’s before that? Hmm, I’m sure they did! It was much later introduced to America by by Sonora Dodd of Spokane, Washington in 1909. It took 57 years (wow, 57 years) for it to be recognized and ever since then it’s been celebrated year after year. I personally love this holiday because I don’t spend much time with my dad around the year so it gives me a chance to really grow our relationship.

I want to also add by saying that if your dad is still in your life, be very very thankful for it. Because not everyone has that luxury. For a close friend of mine, that would be a true father’s day gift in his view since he lost his dad several months ago and now that the holiday is around the corner he cannot help but think about his dad.

Since it truly is a global holiday, make sure you celebrate this Father’s Day with style, love, and care in the spirit of fatherhood. This holiday makes everyone remember all over again the awesome relationship we all share with our fathers. And we wanted to make this year extra special with our Father’s Day Gift Baskets selection. We’ve got more baskets, more gourmet foods, and more sports, grilling, and other favorites he is sure to love… check it out today!

POSTED ON June 8, 2011,

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