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The Nirvana Experience Of Fine Tea

The morning cup of tea or in other cases the morning cup of brew, is one of the most important
moment is some people’s day. People like to relax with their cup of “nirvana” maybe reading the news
or maybe just chatting with family. Whatever the case maybe, a lot of people find their day incomplete
and unsatisfactory without this morning ritual.

One of the greatest gifts to these people therefore would be a gourmet Tea/Coffee in our new Thanksgiving Gift Baskets. These
hampers are filled with a variety of brews or teas that are exotic and most times very hard to find.
A simple, yet clear message of “Enjoy your morning, with the best tea/coffee around” is implied by
these Tea/Coffee Gift Baskets. For coffee and tea lovers across the world, the sight of one of these gift
baskets often brings a tear or two of joy to their eyes.

The gourmet Tea/Coffee Gift Baskets come in a range of sizes and styles. Whatever the choice, the
buyer is assured that the person receiving the gift is being gifted the absolute best in quality and flavor.
These hampers are being increasingly sold in the wake of the realization of coffee and tea culture with
many people becoming teetotalers. These high quality gift baskets therefore manage to achieve a very
high satisfaction rating among both, the gift-giver and the receiver.

Products may include up to three or four gourmet brewed coffees which are of different brews and
therefore provide flexibility to the drinker. An assortment of expensive and exotic teas can also be found
in these hampers along with snacks or savories that go perfectly with the beverages. High quality and
well made brews like Columbian, South American, Espresso roast and even European coffee blends can
be found in these hampers alongside different assorted blends of teas such as Earl Grey, Citrus, Green
tea and also a wide variety of flavored teas. As can be deduced, the costs of these expensive blends of
coffees and teas are quite high and to gift such a basket simply makes the exercise a very special one.

These Tea/Coffee Gift Baskets also include snacks and other small savories that go great with the
beverages that are provided. Biscottis, Shortbread sticks and even flavored or herbed crackers make
the gift hamper complete. Depending on the gift basket company and its policies, customers may also
be able to customize and choose each individual item that is to go in the hamper which makes the gift
basket even more special and pertinent. There may also be very expensive and high quality coffee mugs
and after drink mints and chocolates of some variety. Although the range is wide and the products vary
from company to company, the buyer can be assured of receiving only the highest grade of quality, style
and personalization.

Nothing says more to a tea or coffee lover than an assorted gift basket with blends and varieties of
exotic kinds which are guaranteed to take the morning experience to a whole new level of nirvana.

POSTED ON November 3, 2011,

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