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There’s Always Something To Be Happy About

There’s a great quote that goes like this: Joy is very infectious, therefore, be always full of joy. I really like this quote not because of how truthful it is but because of how uncommon it is. If you’re like most people, and I used to be one of those people, I relied in the external world to find my happiness. If there wasn’t anything in the external world to be happy about, then my mood was normal. If something in the external world wasn’t going right, my level of happiness declined.

That was until I realized something very important, which is outlined in the quote above very indirectly. You choose to be happy. It’s completely in your control. Any emotion you ever feel with very few exceptions are always in your hands. The problem is we choose to be automatic and not take control of them. There are two worlds that humans operate in – the inner & the outer.

Unfortunately you cannot control your outer world. Things just happen that you have zero influence over. If something is going on in the economy or if someone else does something you don’t like, you have zero choice over it. Trying to decide what other people, events, or the planet does is a losing game. What you do have control over is how you react to them.

Breathe, absorb, take it all in, and relax because the truth of the matter is life goes on. Always be happy and always keep smiling. Life could be a lot worse. Two thirds of the world lives on a few bucks a day. There are billions of people who haven’t made it to this era we are all living in.

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Life is good, enjoy it for all it has to offer!

POSTED ON September 14, 2010,

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