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I Finally Joined Twitter And Am Loving It

Social media is exploding, there’s no question about it. Everyone I know is on Facebook and Twitter. All my friends even the non-technical ones have joined, and I’ll go as far as to say I saw my mom on Twitter – kinda nuts when you think about how she beat me to it! But I was resistant to these sites for the longest time.

My time is really important to me. Well, let me re-phrase that and say my time means more to me then anything else. It’s the only thing that cannot be brought back. If I lose some money, a materialistic object, or something similar it can all be earned back but unfortunately time is the one thing which although most valuable/meaningful to us all is running out minute by minute.

So I refused to join the social media craze because I knew how much of a time suck it would be. The last thing I want to do is stop enjoying the outdoors and spend 24 hours sitting in front of a computer screen updating statuses, replying to people I don’t know, and using teenage slang – but I was wrong! I finally created an account on Twitter and it’s so cool… LOL!

As contradicting as that sounds, it’s helping me with a lot of cool stuff. For example, I was able to ask a well known e-commerce person a few questions today and connected with her in a matter of minutes. If I tried to do this offline it would’ve been very formal and a ton of more work.

Just the other day a guy sent me a direct message asking for gift ideas for gift baskets for women as he wanted to surprise his girlfriend. Another woman told me there was a family friend whose son’s birthday was around the corner and wanted to know about our gift baskets for children. I was able to help them in seconds without getting on the phone.

Other examples include staying up to date with industry information and branding myself in front of people who I would otherwise have no access to. I’m also posting status updates about what I’m up to so if anyone wants to follow me you can do so at www.Twitter.com/KateKlemens

POSTED ON September 4, 2010,

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