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There’s Something About Chinese Food

Today we had chinese food for dinner and although it tasted really good (I do mean, like, amazing!) something didn’t sit right about it with me. Here’s what the menu break down looked like:

Appetizers: Egg rolls and hot & sour soup

Beverages: Iced water, orange soda, iced tea

Entrees: Vegetable fried rice, lemon walnut chicken, & mongolian beef

Desserts: Coconut fried ice cream with vanilla frosted cake

Now I didn’t write all that out in such detail to get you hungry. The point is we had everything a regular chinese place would have yet it just wasn’t the same. After thinking about it for a while, and this truly might make you laugh: It’s the wonderful take-out boxes that really make the meal for me.

Now of course we aren’t professional chefs in the house by any means so the taste was obviously different. It didn’t taste exactly like the restaurant would have but we got pretty close. The problem was chinese food is branded with that cute little white take out container. If you don’t have that, you don’t have the right vibe. Weird but true.

And that’s exactly why we are trying to build a brand around our gift baskets for children because we want people to know that they are ordering from us and it won’t feel right buy choosing just any other store on the web. In fact, with the gift baskets for men we make them “snack-a-licious” (is that a word?) and with the gift baskets for women we make them “feminine-licious” (also not a word, I looked it up!).

So next time you buy something, think about what attracted you to it. It maybe the branding more then the actual thing, whatever that thing maybe is irrelevant.

POSTED ON September 16, 2010,

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