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Trying To Go Organic During Fall & Hanukkah

When it comes to health I used to be a super healthy freak. I wouldn’t eat anything fried, I would stay away from meat & dairy (which I still do), desserts were a big no no, and there would be an occasional snack once a week. Very rarely would you catch me at a mall food court or fine restaurant. You would regularly find me in the gym 3x – 4x per week if not more running on the treadmill and lifting light weights to keep fit.

With that in mind we came out with organic gift baskets because our mindset was if I like to stay healthy chances are hundreds of thousands of other people out of six billion human beings on the planet probably feel the same way. It turns out we were right and they quickly moved up the list of our best selling products. Soon after we took the fresh fruit and added them to our fall gift baskets & advertised them with a health/good for you angle since they were now organic – another success to add to the list!

Next came the holidays and we had family & friends travel from all around the world to join us for nearly two weeks to celebrate Hanukkah. My diet turned into a total disaster. Everyday the mom’s were cooking up delicious foods, we were out shopping during the day so obviously ate fast food, and nights were spent at classy restaurants in downtown. Boy did I put on some weight and that’s when the next brilliant idea came to fruition…

If I put on weight during Hanukkah (and yes, we did order Hanukkah gift baskets for our visitors), I’m sure others would feel the same. So for the coming holidays trying to organic is a smart move. Not only will you stay fit you won’t have to worry about all sorts of weird chemicals going into your system. Happy, healthy, & tasty – enjoy!

POSTED ON October 20, 2010,

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