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Expanding Our Product Selection

Back in 1998 someone had the wonderful idea of selling gift baskets online. They started a website called Gift Baskets Plus and it took off in a heart beat. They loved running the company, it was a blast, and was very fulfilling to do. They ran the company hard with 100% effort, energy, & soul for many many years. Then what happened? I’m not sure, but the website was no longer active. And I can only assume they enjoyed it and gave it all their heart because of the marketing efforts put in.

But soon enough, the website that once had been was no longer available. You couldn’t buy anything, see anything, and it had very little to do with gift baskets. Basically an ad page owned by a domain name company. In late 2010 I saw the hidden opportunity and struck a deal with the owner & acquired the website. Today it’s back at it’s finest selling the finest baskets money can by at affordable prices and super awesome service. Our customers love us and their loyalty to us speaks for itself!

Now we’ve decided to expand our product selection by going into new niche markets. The new holding company is called zqStores LLC and we plan on being in 6 total markets (including gift baskets) before April 2011. Here is a quick list:

  1. Gift Baskets
  2. Wedding
  3. Baby
  4. Fitness
  5. Maybe Patio (still undecided)
  6. To be decided

We look forward to the expansion and will keep everyone updated via our blog. If you’ve enjoyed this website, you’ll be sure to enjoy our other selections. So be sure to keep a look out & we look forward to serving you in one of our other stores soon :)

POSTED ON February 23, 2011,

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