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Our CEO Got An Interesting Phone Call

This one is dedicated to all of our long time fans who have called, emailed, and a few exceptions who have literally begged us to begin carrying a wider variety of products that surpass the gift basket product lines we currently offer on our website. I’m sure everyone who follows the blog falls in some category, so let me tell you what happened the other day.

We have the coolest CEO on the planet and he happen to get a phone call from another company in this market. They came across our website, read our blog, and really liked what they saw. So the owner of the business gave our CEO a phone call and asked him to grab lunch and talk about potentially working together over a wonderful Chinese Food meal!

When he turned from lunch, there was a pretty big announcement. We’re becoming partners on adding A LOT of new products and categories at that main site. Reason being they make perfect sense to add and not only have our customers requested these on many occasions but the staff is also super passionate about this strategic move.

You may be wondering what the new goodies will be? Well for that answer you’ll just have to wait and see. But I will give you a tiny hint (even though we aren’t allowed to speak much about it!) – they are similar to our snack gift baskets, have the freshness of our fruit gift baskets, and will probably remind you of our coffee gift baskets. Give us a month then come back to check out how everything is presented – you WILL be surprised!

So if you have any guesses, leave them in the comments below – we’d love to hear your thoughts…

POSTED ON September 2, 2010,

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