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To All Of Our Loyal Customers: Thank You!

We just had our biggest week of the year and it’s all thanks to our loyal customers who keep on coming back to us on every holiday, every occasion, every month, and every time they need a gift basket. It’s because of you that we can continue to innovate and offer new fresh products. It’s because of you that we get up every morning to run the business. It’s because of you that we are in business, and this is our way of saying thank you (with a special promotion at the end for all you repeat customers).

You see, typically in this market sales are very seasonal. On a boring day (like today) there isn’t much going on. Yes, people do call in to chat with our representatives about past orders, questions, and such. Sales still roll in slowly but surely. But it is nothing like on a holiday (like Mother’s Day) which just past. Every minute there are new orders coming in, new phone calls coming in, corporate deals being worked out, products being launched, emails being responded to – and this happens, minute by minute – from 8am to 8pm, non-stop.

Mother’s Day just past (Happy Mother’s Day to all of you beautiful moms out there!) and boy it was insanely busy. It was the biggest week of the year. In fact, we did more in sales from May 1st – May 8th then we did in all of January! Yes, 7 days beat out 31 days – an entire month just because of a holiday. And not only was it beat by a little bit, but it was beat by a huge margin!

Here’s what we want to do for every single customer who has purchased with us before (not just a Mother’s Day Gift Basket) but any type, any time, over the last 10 years… Send an email to sales@giftbasketsplus.com with your order number and your favorite type of gift basket. It could be anything that we sell, over 1,000+ different types. We’re going to hook up awesome discounts, free shipping, and even more – just send over an email today… (Offer expires May 30th, 2011).

POSTED ON May 17, 2011,

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