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Why Shows Like Burn Notice Are So Successful

There are a million TV shows out now. Every channel needs them because they make massive advertising dollars through viewers gluing their eyes to find out what happens next. But how come some shows become super successful and others never even make a name for themselves. It’s not because of how long they’ve been around

A great proof of this is Burn Notice. It came out of nowhere and quickly moved towards the top of most popular shows watched. In fact at one point it had many millions of viewers which made it the most watched show on cable. The genius behind the show is Matt Nix and the four main characters are Jeffrey Donovan, Sharon Gless (his mom), Gabrielle Anwar (his ex-girlfriend), and Bruce Campbell (his best friend).

Many people would assume the show is successful because of the creator Matt and the four amazing characters. While it’s true that Jeffrey is very exciting to watch, Bruce is hilarious, Sharon is dramatic beyond measure, and Gabrielle is really attractive it’s not the deciding factor. At least in my opinion what makes the show so successful is the excitement, the interlaced stories, what’s going to happen next, and the cliffhangers at the end of EVERY SINGLE EPISODE – not one episode goes by without a crazy ending.

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POSTED ON September 14, 2010,

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