GiftBasketsPlus.com Suggests Creative Items to Include in Baby Gift Baskets

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A great occasion for a gift basket is when a friend or family member has just added a new addition to their family. For creative types, making a baby gift basket can be a fun and rewarding project. For those that are ready to attempt to make a basket at home, the staff at GiftBaskesPlus.com has compiled some helpful suggestions of fun and useful items to include in homemade baby gift baskets.

Great items to put in baby gift baskets are anything bath related. Include items such as rubber duckies, shampoo, baby soap and terry cloth baby wash cloth sets. There are many baby bath products available on the market so make sure to get a good variety. Plush animals are fun and exciting baby gifts and be sure not to just limit it to teddy bears. Be creative when selecting the animals; monkeys, zebras, ducks and puppies in various sizes are a cute addition to the basket. New parents are always looking for ways to preserve memories to pass on to their child when they get older. Handprint and foot print kits, first hair cut keepsake box, first tooth keepsake box and plant a tree kits are just some of the precious memory items that you can include.

Prefer to leave it to the professionals? GiftBasketsPlus.com offers a stunning array of baby gift baskets and baskets for every occasion, theme and holiday. New parents would be delighted to receive the adorable Cuddly Animal Zoo Gift Basket with items like 6 cuddly plush animals, bib, t-shirt and bubble bath. The Welcome Home New Baby Gift Basket , has items like a Baby boy elephant designed photo album, Johnson & Johnson Take Along Pack, Silver plated first curl container and a plush zoo animal hand rattle. Send your heart felt congratulations to the new parents with any one of the amazing baby gift baskets offered by GiftBasketsPlus.com.

GiftBasketsPlus.com has been delivering the finest gift baskets since 1998. In addition to baby gift baskets, GiftBasketPlus.com also offers gourmet baskets, birthday gifts, organic gift baskets, kosher baskets, spa gifts, corporate baskets, thank you gift baskets, romantic gift baskets and even gift baskets for pets.


GiftBasketsPlus.com Shares the Top 5 Selling Mother’s Day Gift Baskets

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Searching for a gift for mom is not always an easy task to complete. This year the staff at GiftBasketsPlus.com decided to sift through the vast amount of Mother’s Day Gift Basket orders and compile a list of the 5 bestselling baskets.

1. The Irresistible Godiva Gift Basket – Mom’s with a sweet tooth will not be able to resist this tower full of pure Godiva bliss. Filled with items like a Godiva solid Milk Chocolate bar, White Chocolate and Godiva Chocolate pretzels, Mom will not be able to pass up these goodies.

2. Tasty Tazo Tea Gift Collection – Packed with a variety of Tazo Teas and a beautiful ceramic tea pot it is the perfect gift for the tea lover.

3. Your Favorite Snack Gift Tower- Yogurt covered pretzels, salt water taffy and so many other tempting treats mom won’t know what to enjoy first.

4. Gardener’s Gourmet Treats Gift Basket- Mom’s that love to garden will love this functional gift. Once she has enjoyed all the gourmet treats, she can use the handy tote to carry her gardening tools.

5. Soothing White Tea and Ginger Spa Basket- Mom can immerse herself in luxury with this fabulous spa basket. With bubble bath, bath salts and body creams, she will be relaxing in no time.

All of GiftBasketPlus.com gift baskets are in stock and ready to ship right to mom’s front door. With so many gift basket choices, the staff at GiftBasketsPlus.com is confident that finding that perfect gift that fits mom’s unique personality will be easy. As always, all of our Mother’s Day gift baskets are handmade using only the finest products and come with GiftBasketsPlus.com 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Mother’s Day

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I was just finishing up the last remnants of my delicious chocolate Easter bunny I received in my GiftBasketsplus.com  Easter basket and realized that Mother’s Day was right around the corner.

Life is busy, it never seems like there is enough time in the day to get to everything done. That includes that phone call to mom, just to say hello and see how she is doing. Mother’s day is that one day of the year that we get to show mom how much we truly appreciate her. It is all about her and I think we can all agree that she deserves it.

Mothers are always there when you need them; it does not seem to matter what time of day or night. From the time we are born they are a constant that you can always rely on, always in the background with a pearl of wisdom or that word of encouragement that was just exactly what you needed to hear at that moment.

Where would we be without mom?  I for one would probably forget to look both ways before crossing the street.   All kidding aside though, this Mother’s Day take the time to tell her how much you love her and appreciate all that she has done for you.  The best way I can think of to say she means the world to you is to send her a basket from Giftbasketsplus.com. They have a great selection of beautiful gift baskets for Mother’s Day. If your mom is the spa type or maybe she is a chocolate lover, you will find something that is guaranteed to make her day extra special, just as it should be.

Need another reason to order your Mother’s Day basket from Giftbasketsplus.com?  Well, right now at Giftbasketsplus.com will we are offering  20% off all of our amazing Mother Day Gift Baskets. So stop by now and check out the selection of Mother’s Day gift baskets all in stock and ready to ship right to your mother’s front door.

“Delivering Happiness in a Box” – Since 1998”

  GiftBasketsPlus.com      (800) 520-6657


Ten Helpful Tips for Making a Great Gift Basket

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Need a great gift for that special occasion that is coming up? Gift baskets offer endless themes and are an easy way to get that hard to shop for person a great gift. Making a gift basket can be a fun project. Not the creative type? Then contact the professionals at GiftBasketsPlus.com and browse the amazing selection of gift baskets for every occasion.

1. Choosing a theme: The theme is entirely flexible and can be catered to any event or special occasion.
2. Time to go shopping: Finding items that fit the theme should be easy. Go to party stores, craft shops, gourmet shops, etc., keeping the theme in mind when selecting items to use in the gift basket.
3. Don’t forget the basket: While shopping for the goodies to go into the basket, keep an eye out for a basket or a decorative box. Make sure it is sufficiently sized so that all the items will fit snugly. Party stores, craft shops and stores that sell decorative home goods are great places to find baskets.
4. Color coordinating: For a more professional presentation, try color coordinating the basket and gifts.
5. Adding filler to the gift basket: Be sure to add some filler to the bottom of the basket. This can be tissue paper, crinkle cut filler, foam, etc.
6. Presentation: A nice touch is to have all the items face outwards, giving the basket a great appearance from the front or back. If there are gaps in between the items, fill them in with greens and/or baby’s breath.
7. Prevent shifting: Using adhesive glue dots on the items and sticking them to each other is a great way to keep the items from shifting. Just make sure items are stuck together in a decorative manner.
8. Wrapping: Cover the whole basket in cellophane and gather it together at the top.
9. Use a decorative bow: Hand tie a bow made of either ribbon or fabric in complimentary colors.
10. Finally, attach a handwritten gift card

Still not feeling very creative or just prefer to purchase a gift basket from professionals? GiftBasketsPlus.com offers a stunning array of gift baskets for every for occasion, theme, or holiday. Shopping for a true gourmet, then how about the Madison Avenue Gift Basket, packed with all the finest gourmet items like Brie cheese spread, Saraivanov smoked salmon and Godiva chocoiste dark chocolate. A basket that is guaranteed to please even the finest gourmet. Need a fun birthday gift ? The Deluxe Happy Birthday Care Package or the Junk Food Junkie Gift Basket are both packed full of delicious birthday goodies.

GiftBasketsPlus.com has been delivering the finest gift baskets since 1998. In addition to gourmet and birthday baskets, GiftBasketPlus.com also offers organic gift baskets, kosher baskets, spa gifts, corporate baskets, thank you gifts, romantic gift baskets and even gift baskets for pets.


GiftBasketsPlus.com Launches Exciting Easter Gift Baskets!

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GiftBasketsPlus Releases New Line of Colorful Easter-Themed Baskets, Just in Time for the Holiday

Website Features a Plethora of Fun and Festive Spring Baskets that are Perfect for People of All Ages

Easter gift baskets. Each one of the baskets, filled with a variety of Easter gifts and more, is carefully handmade using only the best products that are available.Easter gifts have traditionally been given to children, gift baskets are truly a perfect gift for kids of all ages! From parents to grandparents, friends and neighbors and more, who wouldn’t enjoy waking up to a cheerful and lovely basket of goodies on Easter morning?Easter gift baskets to purchase first! Customers are welcome to visit the site and begin browsing through the wide assortment of baskets. Each one is accompanied by a full-color photo and description of what is included, as well as pricing information and more.http://www.giftbasketsplus.com/holiday-gift-baskets/easter-gift-baskets/Easter is just around the corner, and all across the country, people are thinking about what they should get for the special people in their lives who celebrate the holiday.

One gift that is always appreciated is a beautiful gift basket. Filled with delicious foods, colorful candies, tasty beverages and more, a high-quality, professionally made gift basket is sure to delight people of all ages.

GiftBasketsPlus, a company that specializes in gorgeous gift baskets in a variety of themes and sizes, just released its new line of

As a bonus, each and every one of the company’s Easter gift baskets is backed by “Peter Rabbit’s Perfect Easter Guarantee,” meaning that the buyer and recipient should be 100 percent satisfied by the product.

“If you’d like to treat the people in your life that matter then show them that you care enough to give them the best of the best,” an article on the company’s website noted, adding that every single basket comes with the highest quality fruits, sweets, nuts, and toys suited perfectly for the coming Easter holidays. 

“They come filled with lovely goodies and are usually in pretty packaging that can be used again. A neat idea is hide them to find on Easter morning. How fun is it to wake up to a package filled with chocolates, candies and other snacks.”


Using the website is easy; the only hard part will be deciding which

For example the Cuddly Bunny Gift Basket includes an assortment of milk chocolate Easter eggs, Lindt chocolate truffles, a variety of cookies, and a Ghiradelli chocolate bar, all surrounding a soft plush bunny.

About GiftBasketsPlus:

For over 10 years, GiftBasketsPlus has been offering the finest Easter Gift Baskets.
We offer a stunning array of high quality baskets for every occasion, theme and holiday.
There are over one thousand different gift baskets to choose from so there is something for everyone, all backed by our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. For more information, please visit http://www.giftbasketsplus.com/holiday-gift-baskets/easter-gift-baskets/





Hippity Hoppity it is Easter Time again ….

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Easter is one of my favorite holidays, I mean what is not to like ? you have chocolate bunny’s, peeps, jelly beans, Easter parades and the list just goes on and on. If you are a chocolate lover like me than this holiday is a never ending sugar rush. While I was thinking about all the sweet treats that Easter has to offer, I did start to wonder about the origin of good ol Peter Cottontail. That life size hoping bunny with a basket full of eggs deserved a little research into his start as the symbol of Easter. So, after a little searching on the web I thought I would share his story.

The Easter Bunny symbol started with a pagan festival that worshiped the goddess of spring and fertility. Her name was Eastre and her earthly symbol was the rabbit. Since the rabbit is one of the most common symbols of fertility and rebirth it is not a surprise that this would be her symbol.


The next time we hear about Peter is around the 1500’s in German writings, it is in these writings that the bunny gets its use as a Easter symbol. The first edible Easter bunnies were made in Germany in the early 1800’s . They were not made from chocolate though, they were actually made from pastry and sugar.
German settlers who arrived in the Pennsylvania Dutch country around the 1700’s were the fist to introduce the Easter bunny into American folklore. The arrival of the “Oschter Haws” was considered “childhood’s greatest pleasure” The children believed that if they were good the “Oschter Haws” would lay a nest of colored eggs The children would build their nest in a secluded place in the home, the barn or the garden. Boys would use their caps and girls their bonnets to make the nests . The use of elaborate Easter baskets would come later as the tradition of the Easter bunny spread through out the country.

Today Peter and Easter go hand and hand, it would not be much of a holiday if I did not see his furry smiling face with a basket full of Easter goodies in his hand.

For all of you that are like me and just cannot wait for Peter to arrive this year, hop over to http://www.GiftBasketsPlus.com or call (800) 520-6657 today and pick up a Peter approved Easter gift baskets. They have all the best goodies to make this Easter holiday delicious.


Do You Enjoy Spreading Joy In Life?

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Recently I was going through our inbox of previous read emails and one in particular really stood out to me. This person was beyond excited to have received their gift basket just in perfect timing and was beyond happy with the goodies inside (who doesn’t love receiving chocolates, right?)! Sometimes words lose meaning when sent over text instead of voice, but for some odd reason this person’s email really stood out. We get testimonials around the year for a variety of reasons but this one had something I like to refer to as JOY!

So I decided to look up the formal definition to see if it would resonate, here is what dictionary has to say about the world joy: “A state of complete bliss and felicity – to be happy” – I found this definition to be exactly what this customer had expressed to us. So the question I asked myself was, “Could sending a gift basket really produce a state of joy, happiness, and bliss?” As I thought about it more, I came to the conclusion of yes, absolutely it could.

I’m sure you heard this phrase at some point in your life: It’s the little things that count or It’s the little things that make you happy. Well, after shipping out thousands upon thousands of gift baskets and having such a high customer satisfaction rate, there is no question in my mind that’s true. And it goes beyond the fact that our baskets are filled with delicious treats, snacks, sweets, fine wines, and so on. I think the contents of a basket is very important to ensure quality and variety, but I think it goes a bit beyond that.

It’s the intent that someone has and the feeling the recipient receives that creates such happiness. I can remember how good it feels to receive something out of the blue, completely unexpected, from a friend or family member. It’s a pretty awesome feeling! Add to that a beautiful greeting card message inside with some nice thoughts expressed in writing. Finally while you’re taking it all in, you get to munch on chocolate, cheese, cookies, and whatever else maybe inside. Wow, what an awesome experience this is. So if you enjoy spreading joy, happiness, and bliss in life, do something nice for a loved one today and watch what happens :)

PS: In memory of Whitney Houston, I thought it would be cute to post one of her most popular songs, let me know what you think?


Our Top Three Valentine Gift Baskets

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Many customers have been looking at all the different Valentine Gift Baskets available on our website this year (over forty four never before seen baskets!) and just love them all. They don’t know which one to go with and have been asking for recommendations. Although we believe every single one is a fantastic choice, there are a couple that really stand out among the crowd for a variety of reasons, and I’d like to point them out in this blog post for anyone still not sure which one to go with.

1) A Day of Spa and Wine

This one really stands out because it’s combining the best of both worlds – the world of luxurious spa and the world of fine wines. Let her spend the entire day indulging and thinking of you with lotion, gel, milk bath, tea light candles, gourmet cookies, and a fantastic bottle of fine wine!

2) Valentine Chocolate Sweets and Treats

Who doesn’t love chocolate, specially on February 14th? This tower has a combination of her favorite chocolates from the world famous Ghirardelli company, chocolate drizzled gourmet popcorn, chocolate squares, and white & milk chocolate covered sandwich cookies. You simply cannot go wrong with this choice, they will love it.

3) Forever My Valentine

Before even talking about the contents of this gift, have a look at the very cool and modern design! It will stand out and you will want to keep the packaging because that’s how beautiful it is. You’ll find cookies, hearts, truffles, fortune cookies, pretzels, fruits, and so much more inside. For the affordable price and gorgeous design, this has been a big hit.

Also keep in mind, for 24 hours only, all 44 Valentine choices are 25% off – don’t wait another minute, grab one today while supplies last! One other thing, we’d love to hear your testimonials and there’s a good chance you will be featured on our home-page if you have something really special to say. We love hearing your stories, send one in today… And of course, Happy Valentine’s Day from the entire staff at GiftBasketsPlus.com


Valentine’s Day Is Just Around The Corner

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Every February hundreds of thousands of couples come online to send Valentine gift baskets to each other. They are truly one of the best, most affordable, and not to mention tasty choices for gifts on this memorable day. This year we introduced forty four fresh, never before seen, and high quality gift baskets for Valentine’s Day. We guarantee your significant other will definitely feel loved, appreciated, and have the sweet taste of gourmet in their mouth after receiving something from our signature Valentine collection this February.

There is no better feeling then receiving a gift. That amplifies a hundred times more when it’s from that special someone, a complete surprise, and arrives smoothly on February 14th. Our products feature everything from brand name candies, chocolates, snacks, gourmet foods, fine wines, and so on. Many of our baskets also come with a variety of fluffy teddy bears and we even introduced cute red, white, or heart balloons in some of our products to really spice things up! The teddy bear definitely comes in handy when you can’t be there to give that big hug.

We thought what better way to celebrate then give you some neat facts about this holiday that you may not have known:

– The name “Valentine” was given to many of the early Christian martyrs

– The original background comes from a priest in Rome, who would’ve thought

– A mysterious third saint, who was ironically named “Valentine” as well, had a handful of significant others in Africa

– In the early days, there wasn’t a love/romance energy about this, and it’s unknown how the tide shifted

– It was taken out of the General Roman Calendar since there was very little known about Saint Valentine except his burial information

So don’t waste another minute, head over to see all of our Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets and send one today!


GiftBasketsPlus.com to Create the World’s Largest Candy Cane

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Company Plans to Shatter the Previous Record of 58 Feet by Making at Least a 63-Foot Peppermint Flavored Candy Cane Perfect for a Hungry Crowd…

Over the years, candy canes have become one of the most beloved and delicious symbols of
Christmas. The red and white peppermint-flavored candy sticks can be seen adorning Christmas
trees in homes, stores and malls and they are also enjoyed by adults and kids alike as a refreshing
minty treat.

The staff at GiftBasketsPlus.com enjoys candy canes too—in fact, the festive canes are featured
in many of the Christmas-themed gift baskets that the company features this time of year.
Recently, the Duluth, Georgia-based company decided to take their appreciation for the red and
white crooked-shaped candy and see if they could create the most super sized candy cane ever
made. Specifically, they want to go for broke when it comes to Christmas candy and get the
Guinness World record for the world’s largest candy cane.

Creating this massive minty marvel will be no easy feat—according to a news article, in 2001 a
gentleman named Paul Ghinelli earned world record status by creating a whopping 58-foot, 2 ¼
inch candy cane at a restaurant in Michigan.

The staff of Gift Baskets Plus is not worried—they know with the right combination of corn
syrup, sugar, peppermint flavoring, starch, red food color and maybe just a pinch of holiday gift baskets
magic, they can create a candy cane that is at least 63 feet tall.

The exact figures and costs to create the world’s largest candy cane are not in yet, but suffice it
to say it will take a combined total of dozens of pounds of ingredients and a substantial amount
of money to put together the colossal candy creation—especially when taking into account that
the average sized 5-inch candy cane weighs just a half ounce or so and has a mere 50 calories.

Calories—oh yeah! That’s another thing that the world record candy cane created by Gift
Baskets Plus will have plenty of. But no worries, everyone knows that Christmas calories don’t
count the same way as other calories during the year. Just to be on the safe side about this, the
staff plans to break up the future giant candy cane into scores of bite-sized pepperminty pieces
and share them with the members of the Duluth community during a party celebrating their
impressive feat.

While the employees of GiftBasketsPlus.com are busy gathering up their ingredients for the
world’s largest candy cane, they will still be hard at work assembling, packing and shipping the
finest holiday-themed Christmas gift baskets that are available online, just in time for holiday season.

About GiftBasketsPlus.com:

GiftBasketsPlus.com features a wide variety of gift baskets for every occasion, theme, and
gourmet food! Everything from wine, chocolate, & cheese to Christmas, holiday, & Hanukkah
gift baskets! The staff prides itself on superior customer service and super fast shipping. For
more information, please visit http://www.giftbasketsplus.com