24 Hours ONLY – All Christmas Gift Baskets Are 20% Off

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To all of our loyal blog readers, we are sending out this promotion via email & website later today but would like for you all to know about it ahead of time!

Most of you are already customers and therefore we want to do something special this year for Christmas. For 24 hours ONLY, we’re going to take 20% off ALL Christmas gift baskets.

You read correctly! It’s never been done before. But to celebrate the holidays and to reward all of our dedicated customers who have been loyal to us over such a long period of time, you all deserve this.

There are currently 82 different Christmas gift baskets that have been marked down to over 20%. And, since our prices are already very affordable and competitively priced, you are saving closer to 30% by choosing GiftBasketsPlus.com!

So don’t wait another second, head over to our website and get an early start to Christmas shopping. Don’t be one of those last minute shoppers running through the mall trying to buy gifts at the very last minute. Take advantage of an awesome 20% discount and start sending out your gifts today!

Here are some holiday best sellers:

Happy Holiday’s From Everyone At GiftBasketsPlus.com!


GiftBasketsPlus.com Launches 2011 Christmas Gift Baskets Collection

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Leading online gift basket retailer GiftBasketsPlus.com has announced their brand new Christmas Gift Baskets collection. With the holidays quickly approaching, both consumers and businesses are putting together their holiday gift lists and getting ready for the busy season.

Gift Baskets Plus recommends sending a fantastic gift that is a three in one special: It should be appreciated, remembered, and most importantly taste good. Our gift baskets meet all three criteria at the next level. Each basket is designed by dedicated staff with delicious treats, fun designs, and with perfection in mind.

Customers are raving about the new collection of beautiful gift baskets. The new designs all have a variety of Christmas themes with a mixture of fun, elegance, and really cool styles. You’ll find fine colors like gold, glowing towers, and of course lots of holiday favorites.

Inside customers will find a variety of fine gourmet foods like chocolate, cookies, cheese, smoked meat, truffles, red & white wines, salted nuts, and lots of other delicious snacks. Weekly holiday promotions will be offered to customers and all baskets ordered before December 17th have a Christmas delivery guarantee.

To send out gift baskets this holiday season, simply log onto http://www.GiftBasketsPlus.com or call (800) 520-6657 today! They are one of the leading & fastest growing gift basket e-commerce companies in the United States.


Cookies – By Far The Best Choice, Yummm!

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Children love cookies. There can be no denying that the bible of every child holds the key to salvation as
candy. Cookie Gift Baskets make for the best gifts for children on their birthdays and all other
special occasion. These gift baskets which come in a large variety of themes and sizes are the dream of
every child as they cover a large amount of goodies and can provide the toothy satisfaction that is the
goal of every child.

However, it would not be fair to say that Snack/Candy Gift Baskets are made only for the pleasure of
kids. A large population of adults who enjoy sweetmeats and savory snacks can find the very same
pleasure in these gift baskets. There are several theme based Snack/Candy Gift Baskets that provide
adults with as much fun as kids.

Theme based and Occasion based Snack/Candy Gift Baskets, can provide huge amounts of goodies in
one package. Snacks such as bread sticks, cheese, crackers, pretzels, chips and mixed nuts accompany
a mind boggling assortment of sweetmeats such as pastries, biscotti’s, cookies, chocolate bars and
small candy. The options are large in number and the variety of themes to choose from is far more.
From adult based themes such as poker night, golf, beer and football, to children’s themes such as
superheroes, birthdays, Halloween and movies.

The Snack/Candy Gift Baskets are suitable for any age, occasion and event. They also include several
unique items depending on the theme of the gift basket. The poker theme based gift basket may carry
a pack of fresh playing cards, the beer theme based gif basket may carry beer and the golf ball theme
based gift basket may carry a sleeve of golf balls. This kind of accompaniment ensures that the theme of
the gift basket is well highlighted and also makes the gift a little extra special for the receiver.

Customers may also have the facility of developing their own Snack/Candy Gift Baskets in order
to make sure that the true essence of the requirement is captured. The vast variety and flexibility
in snacks, sweets and themes used, ensures a unique gift basket every time and thereby holds the
receiver’s interest for a long time as well. These gift baskets may also be designed to a very elaborate
and opulent stature. High priced and extremely valuable items used in the gift basket make them very
formal and stylish and are thereby a very good gift in corporate and other formal settings. Snack/
Candy Gift Baskets may include high quality items such as expensive wine, imported cheese, gourmet
snacks and custom made souvenirs and in some cases even expensive items such as perfume, etc. These
gift baskets are usually used in very formal and high society scenarios but they make for extremely
sophisticated and elegant gifts.

It can be seen therefore that Snack/Candy Gift Baskets make for great gifts with a very pertinent focus
on satisfaction, fun and in some cases high levels of elegance a flexible and fast way of putting together
the perfect gift for every special occasion, for children and adults as well.


The Unique Vibe A Gift Basket Can Give

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A gift can be for many occasions. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Housewarming and even events of people
falling sick can all be events where gifts are warranted. But the main questions of what to gift and how
much to spend can be a challenging. People are often plagued by these questions which can be very
tricky and sometimes almost impossible to answer.

A gift basket is a very eloquent gift for all occasions and reasons. People who spend a little time buying
a good gift basket seldom find disappointment in the eyes of the receivers. Completely covering all
occasions, gift baskets project an image of style, grace and dignity and also provide while providing
suitable answers to the questions posed above. There is a tremendous variety of gift baskets that are
available which cater to the needs of virtually every occasion in this world.

Edible Gift Baskets are a very broad classification within the gift basket market. These can be of various
varieties and are generally very novel in their themes. Edible gift Baskets generally have an assortment
of snacks and sweets but the novelty lies in the fact that the basket that holds these items is also edible.
Generally consisting of a tray of edible sugar paper, these gift baskets can be fun in several ways to the
gift giver and the receiver.

A variety of theme based fruit gift baskets are also available in most stores. Themes such as Halloween,
Football, movie popcorn and so on are widely used and the assortment of snacks and sweets in these
always pertain to the theme involved. Edible Gift Baskets may be simply of chocolate and some dressing;
other more extravagant ones are very large with a vast arrangement of assorted goodies that can boggle
the minds of the people on the receiving end.

Edible Gift Baskets may also have themes centered on special occasions like birthdays and
anniversaries. These are widely popular as they succinctly and effortlessly imply the underlying
happiness of the occasion. Goodbye and Welcome gif hampers are often placed in the rooms of hotels
as a method of promotion and thanks to the customers.

A unique thing about Edible Gift Baskets is the trays that are used for carrying the goodies. Generally
made out of sugar paper or some other edible paper material, these trays are molded into beautiful
trays depending on the purpose of the gift. Although the variety is not large but the several designs that
are available are unique and very ornate. These make extremely suitable for gifting on special occasions
and such.

The theme based Edible Gift Baskets may not always have an edible base as these things become a
consideration of size and weight, however, they are equally fun and every item in these hampers is
edible and more than tasty. Depending on the occasion, the snacks and sweets that are available are
extremely pertinent and they add to the fun of the occasion. There may also be drinks such as cider or
wine in these baskets but such sets are few in number and hard to find. This makes them even more
exotic and special and for formal occasions, such gifts are perfect.


Celebrate With Yummy Kosher Foods This Hanukkah

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In Keeping with a proud heritage, kosher foods and wine represent a very clean and specific way of life.
Kosher Gift Baskets are to be selected carefully and with full regard to the strict dietary needs. These
gift packages provide a complete and appropriate gift for those who follow those values.

Kosher Gift Baskets often contain a variety of candies, snacks and drinks, all verified and accepted as
kosher. Kosher foods which include smoked salmon, cheese and crackers and other varieties of snacks
make for a very special and focused group of foods that can be chosen from, with great ease. It is an
extremely thoughtful gesture on the part of the gift-giver to understand the religious sentiments and
properly follow all rules and guidelines.

Fruits and chocolates also find their way into these packages. This makes the package an extremely
healthy and smart option for gifting. Organically grown apples and oranges grown in accordance with
the religion make a very appealing sight thereby providing the whole package with depth and style.

Kosher Gift Baskets also may contain kosher drinks such as cocoa and kosher wine. Kosher wines like
kosher chardonnay are very common in these packages and provide a great deal of sophistication and
style to the package.

A little careful planning and checking can make these Hanukkah Gift Baskets a huge hit among the
receivers automatically. Also, there is a heavy use of gourmet snacks and savories. Dry fruit, pistachios
and kosher cookies make for a very elegant package that provides something for everyone.

These Kosher Gift Baskets are available across the internet on a host of sites that sell gift baskets. All the
baskets that are provided are checked to be in accordance and therefore the task is made very simple
for the customer. The use of smoked salmon is heavily seen in these gift baskets, along with chocolates.
Chocolates of various kinds are provided in these packages. Chocolate bars of white and dark chocolate,
mint chocolate squares and caramel and mocha chocolates are often used to sweeten the package for
those who have a sweet tooth.

The hampers themselves are of different kinds and there are many varieties to choose from. Boxes,
trays and baskets are all very predominant. Depending on the vendor, there may also be more opulent
and heavily dressed Kosher Gift Baskets for more formal occasions. These provide the style and panache
that will complement a situation very well.

The Kosher Gift Baskets being the most ideal gifts for all those who are in line with the religious
sentiments do not cost much. Prices range from $20 to $70, depending on the vendor of these gift
baskets. Because of such factors, Kosher Gift Baskets are an ideal gift for everyone and serves the
purpose of succinctly celebrating an occasion.

It is wise for people who order these packages online to check the reliance of the products in the
package on refrigeration. In the event of a delay, the meats and chocolates may get ruined completely
and will have to be replaced.


The Nirvana Experience Of Fine Tea

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The morning cup of tea or in other cases the morning cup of brew, is one of the most important
moment is some people’s day. People like to relax with their cup of “nirvana” maybe reading the news
or maybe just chatting with family. Whatever the case maybe, a lot of people find their day incomplete
and unsatisfactory without this morning ritual.

One of the greatest gifts to these people therefore would be a gourmet Tea/Coffee in our new Thanksgiving Gift Baskets. These
hampers are filled with a variety of brews or teas that are exotic and most times very hard to find.
A simple, yet clear message of “Enjoy your morning, with the best tea/coffee around” is implied by
these Tea/Coffee Gift Baskets. For coffee and tea lovers across the world, the sight of one of these gift
baskets often brings a tear or two of joy to their eyes.

The gourmet Tea/Coffee Gift Baskets come in a range of sizes and styles. Whatever the choice, the
buyer is assured that the person receiving the gift is being gifted the absolute best in quality and flavor.
These hampers are being increasingly sold in the wake of the realization of coffee and tea culture with
many people becoming teetotalers. These high quality gift baskets therefore manage to achieve a very
high satisfaction rating among both, the gift-giver and the receiver.

Products may include up to three or four gourmet brewed coffees which are of different brews and
therefore provide flexibility to the drinker. An assortment of expensive and exotic teas can also be found
in these hampers along with snacks or savories that go perfectly with the beverages. High quality and
well made brews like Columbian, South American, Espresso roast and even European coffee blends can
be found in these hampers alongside different assorted blends of teas such as Earl Grey, Citrus, Green
tea and also a wide variety of flavored teas. As can be deduced, the costs of these expensive blends of
coffees and teas are quite high and to gift such a basket simply makes the exercise a very special one.

These Tea/Coffee Gift Baskets also include snacks and other small savories that go great with the
beverages that are provided. Biscottis, Shortbread sticks and even flavored or herbed crackers make
the gift hamper complete. Depending on the gift basket company and its policies, customers may also
be able to customize and choose each individual item that is to go in the hamper which makes the gift
basket even more special and pertinent. There may also be very expensive and high quality coffee mugs
and after drink mints and chocolates of some variety. Although the range is wide and the products vary
from company to company, the buyer can be assured of receiving only the highest grade of quality, style
and personalization.

Nothing says more to a tea or coffee lover than an assorted gift basket with blends and varieties of
exotic kinds which are guaranteed to take the morning experience to a whole new level of nirvana.


Fine Wines Make For Fine Times!

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Wine Gift Baskets are gift packages with the addition of high quality, great wines which make them a
highly regarded and sophisticated gift for almost anybody. The culture of buying wine for someone on
the occasion of their housewarming is a long standing one, and the Wine Gift Baskets seek to continue
that traditions albeit, with a lot more panache.

Wine can be regarded as a very safe gift for adults of all ages. Anybody appreciates a good wine and
the savory snacks that go along with it. Keeping that in mind, Wine Gift Baskets are of several sizes
and price ranges. The price depends a lot on the wine itself and also the cost of the accompaniments.
Systematically arranged wine bottles in baskets, tubs and boxes, give a very modern, contemporary
touch to the gift and also make it very special.

Wine Gift Baskets generally contain several savories or fruits that make the package complete.
For a complete experience, the wine must be enjoyed with the savories provided along side. The
accompaniments can also be enjoyed by children as they are of high quality and generally extremely

Wine Gift Baskets are generally packaged with chardonnay, sauvignon or cabernet wines. It is
important to keep in mind that some Holiday Gift Baskets may have more than one wine bottle. The three
mentioned above are the predominant types of wines that are used. These are generally accompanied
by savories such as breadsticks, crackers and also types of cheeses. These hampers may also contain
chocolates, types of meat and even cookies. The entire package is made to look extremely neat and
classy and therefore instantly scores a success when presented as a gift.

Wine Gift Baskets also contain fruit sometimes. Fresh and extremely high quality apples, oranges and
pears generally accompany the wine bottle. These fruits can also go great with the cheese offerings that
are often a part of these packages. These packages give people the chance to experience the famous
wine and cheese culture.

A better way to commemorate a birthday party or housewarming or even a job promotion is hard
to find. Balanced and complete Wine Gift baskets contain all that is necessary to make a celebration

The Wine Gift Baskets are priced comparatively expensively. However, the prices are still much cheaper
when other gifts are considered. The price ranges from $30 to $150. This may seem steep to the
customer however, these prices are extremely cheap when the total value of all the items being given is
calculated. A combination of good wine, high quality cheese and chocolates and also savory snacks for
such a low price cannot be found anywhere else.

It becomes important however, to remember that thought the wine may not perish but the other
savories are well in danger of succumbing to weather conditions. Customers would do well to remember
that items such as chocolate and cheese are very susceptible to perishing in prolonged external weather
conditions. This advice however is only for those who plan on buying Wine Gift Baskets online.


The Gourmet Style Of Gifting This Year

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The gifting culture has existed as long as humanity itself. In the olden days, gifts were a means of
showing a variety of emotions such as gratitude, respect, friendship, honor and even love. Although
this fact remains unchanged, the nature of gifts that are given has changed by leaps and bounds. In
the olden days it was customary for kings to gift their queens with extravagances of all kinds for any
occasion that they saw fit. As times changed and the extravagances reduced in size and frequency (the
prices of jewellery skyrocketed, making it very hard on the kings!), the nature of the gifts themselves
changed by a lot.

A very frequently faced situation by many people is a question of what to gift someone. A “gift-giver”
has to consider several things such as occasion, cost, the receiver’s choices and many other such
dilemmas. The process of gifting thereby has also become severely complex.

There is however one gift, that has stood the test of time, and is still absolute in its resolutions. A
gift basket has been a gift item for many generations now. These snack gift baskets imply the ultimate
appreciation with their assorted goodies and also manage to imply great style, sophistication and
happiness. The nature of these gift baskets is so, that they can be created for any occasion, with any
amount of opulence and grace.

The gourmet tradition however, has managed to seep into the gift basket culture. For the better part of
the last century, a trend of gourmet gift baskets that were created with the idea of gifting the best for
the best. A great deal of panache and style is implied by these gourmet goodie hampers and so, they
have become extremely popular throughout the world.

By Gourmet Gift Baskets, it is implied that the items contained within are of the highest quality and the
best available in the market. Wines and cheese from the best sources, cookies and other savories which
have been hand made especially for the occasion; fruits of the best quality and chocolate of top notch
standard are just some of the items that can be expected in these Gourmet Gift Baskets. A number
of companies offer a range of these baskets that are pre-made and a few other companies even offer
customization services to each individual customer.

As has already been said, the quality of all the items in these baskets is of the highest order. Shortbread,
Italian cookies, cream filled cakes and pastries, pastilles and truffles of chocolate, pistachios, and
crackers of assorted variety, meat and fresh fruits like apples, pears, oranges and green apples are all
perfect items for the Gourmet Gift Baskets. They may even include wine, cheese of different kinds,
chocolate dipped strawberry assortments and a large variety of other gourmet cuisine snacks and
savories. These gift baskets convey a universal message of style and class and are therefore perfect gifts
for every occasion.

The baskets may also contain the highest quality local delicacies that have been prepared especially for
that gift basket and are therefore very rare to find. Many times, a large amount of the items in these
Gourmet Gift Baskets are indigenous and very rare to find, elevating the exclusivity of these hampers.
The deliver the perfect message in a great manner and therefore are considered to be some of the best gifting ideas.


The Chocolate World We Live In

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Aside from a major world ending prediction, the “Aztecs” are known for one other significant giving.
The advent of chocolate is earliest recorded in 1100 B.C. during the Aztec times. Chocolate as the
word is coined from a Spanish term is the most staple and steady entity provided by nature’s bounty.
From initial uses of in the form of a fermented drink, chocolate has captured to fancy of the world and
become a cornerstone sweet which is used by billions around the world on a daily basis.

The use of chocolate in form of gifts is not rare and will never go out of trend. Corporate Gift Baskets
have been and will continue to be one of the highest sellers in the inventory of the gift basket
companies around the globe. Widespread love for this sweetmeat has ensured its popularity in all
forms of gifts and a never ending variety of chocolate based candies and bars have ensured mass

The Chocolate Gift Baskets therefore are the simplest and most efficient way of gifting. A wide range
of arrangements and assortments assures surprise for everyone. Chocolates are used in a wide variety
of dessert savories and therefore, it supplies a nearly unlimited supply of options for the customer to
choose from.

A survey of the various Chocolate Gift Baskets which are available shows that the use of truffles,
biscotti’s, nuggets, wafer rolls and cookies is predominant. Apart from standard chocolate bars, all
the above variations of chocolate are used to add to the glamour quotient of the hamper. Packages
themselves are available in n array of designs and shapes.

As chocolate is a sweetmeat that can be used to commemorate any occasion and event, the use of
different varieties of packaging and assortments is the only way a customer can differentiate. Some
variations such as chocolate dipped strawberries and caramel apples are also seen but they are very few
in number. The Chocolate Gift Baskets also hold a vast variety of different kinds of flavored chocolate.
These may include strawberry chocolate, chocolate orange, banana chocolate and even coconut

The chocolate assortments can also be accompanied by high quality edible wares such as foreign
cheese, expensive wine and even fruit. A simple arrangement of fruit and chocolate makes for a very
formidable gift as it provides wholesome satisfaction for everyone.

Any person facing a dilemma as to what to gift someone on an occasion would do well to remember
that Chocolate Gift Baskets provide the best solution in every case and are very easy to find. Prices can
range from anywhere between $30 to $160, making these Chocolate Gift Baskets extremely easy on the
pocket and very easy to impress with.

Some discretion is required on the part of the customers in case of online buying. The gift basket must
be received very soon in order to save the chocolates from melting. If such an event occurs, then all the
assortments inside will have to be replaced by items of greater or higher quality than the original ones.
A simple and effective method is to pay a little more for next-day shipping.


Is Better Health Possible? Yes, Indeed!

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As of worldwide statistics and reports, the general health and immunity of people across the globe
is on a decline. Despite having cutting edge medical care facilities and much more, even though the
average life expectancy is still high, the probability of that person suffering from a major disease such as
diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure and heart disease is on the rise.

In such a disturbing situation, Organic food comes as a hero from the shadows. Grown completely
naturally for consumption, these foods are high in taste and nutritional value. For people who believe in
organic foods and their benefits, Gourmet Gift Baskets are perhaps the most appropriate gifts. Baskets
created with an assortment of completely organic foods and drinks, these gift baskets are the healthiest
gift that any person can give someone.

Free of any synthetically prepared foods, the benefits of these foods are many and large. Fruits, dried
fruits, chips, salsa dips, coffee, nuts and even cookies that have been prepared with completely organic
materials make for a healthy alternative to synthetically prepared heavy foods. For those who love
organic foods, the Organic Gift Baskets can offer a range of snacks and savories. The most important
item however, remains to be fruit. Organically grown and completely free of any chemicals, these fruits
are resplendent in their natural glory and can make for a very tempting gift.

There are also wines that have been made from organic products that can be added to the Organic Gift
Baskets. These wines are a perfect balance of health and harmony. Generally, the organic cabernet is
used and it is of extremely high quality.

Organic Gift Baskets offer gift-givers the chance to spread the good health revolutions and uses a host
of other snacks as well. Wine and cheese culture is explored to the fullest extent by the use of organic
cheese and crackers in conjunction with organic wine. Such settings make the Organic Gift Basket a
properly healthy and nourishing gift.

The flexibility of these organic goodies allows customers to use them as gifts for any occasion. As these
snacks and savories are healthy and entirely refreshing, they are good for children as well as adults. The
fruit that is used in these baskets has very high nutritional value and they taste delicious.

Organic gift baskets can also be accompanied by a variety of other gifts such a guidebooks on starting an
organic garden, organically prepared toiletries and so on. These provide a distinct touch to the Organic
Gift Basket and also help in spreading the importance of organic foods.

Customers are advised to make sure that none of the items that they buy are perishable, as this will ruin
some of the goodies and then will have to be painstakingly replaced. This however is applicable only to
customers who but these gift baskets online and have them shipped.

All websites generally provide a facility for next day shipping as well as two day shipping. In the event of
a package containing perishable items, next day shipping is highly advocated.