Leave Awesome Memories For Dad This Father’s Day

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Have you ever wondered why we celebrate father’s day? Well first of all it’s important to note that this isn’t an American holiday. Many of the holidays we celebrate here in the United States of America are clearly designed for American’s alone (although people outside of the USA can find just as much joy in celebrating). Father’s Day along with a few others are among those holidays that are truly global. We all have a father. And if you’re lucky enough to know your father, have a wonderful relationship with him, then it’s time to give back to him on this special day.

The holiday originated from Babylon nearly 4,215 years ago! Wow, that is a long time. I wonder if they had a big day for their dad’s before that? Hmm, I’m sure they did! It was much later introduced to America by by Sonora Dodd of Spokane, Washington in 1909. It took 57 years (wow, 57 years) for it to be recognized and ever since then it’s been celebrated year after year. I personally love this holiday because I don’t spend much time with my dad around the year so it gives me a chance to really grow our relationship.

I want to also add by saying that if your dad is still in your life, be very very thankful for it. Because not everyone has that luxury. For a close friend of mine, that would be a true father’s day gift in his view since he lost his dad several months ago and now that the holiday is around the corner he cannot help but think about his dad.

Since it truly is a global holiday, make sure you celebrate this Father’s Day with style, love, and care in the spirit of fatherhood. This holiday makes everyone remember all over again the awesome relationship we all share with our fathers. And we wanted to make this year extra special with our Father’s Day Gift Baskets selection. We’ve got more baskets, more gourmet foods, and more sports, grilling, and other favorites he is sure to love… check it out today!


To All Of Our Loyal Customers: Thank You!

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We just had our biggest week of the year and it’s all thanks to our loyal customers who keep on coming back to us on every holiday, every occasion, every month, and every time they need a gift basket. It’s because of you that we can continue to innovate and offer new fresh products. It’s because of you that we get up every morning to run the business. It’s because of you that we are in business, and this is our way of saying thank you (with a special promotion at the end for all you repeat customers).

You see, typically in this market sales are very seasonal. On a boring day (like today) there isn’t much going on. Yes, people do call in to chat with our representatives about past orders, questions, and such. Sales still roll in slowly but surely. But it is nothing like on a holiday (like Mother’s Day) which just past. Every minute there are new orders coming in, new phone calls coming in, corporate deals being worked out, products being launched, emails being responded to – and this happens, minute by minute – from 8am to 8pm, non-stop.

Mother’s Day just past (Happy Mother’s Day to all of you beautiful moms out there!) and boy it was insanely busy. It was the biggest week of the year. In fact, we did more in sales from May 1st – May 8th then we did in all of January! Yes, 7 days beat out 31 days – an entire month just because of a holiday. And not only was it beat by a little bit, but it was beat by a huge margin!

Here’s what we want to do for every single customer who has purchased with us before (not just a Mother’s Day Gift Basket) but any type, any time, over the last 10 years… Send an email to sales@giftbasketsplus.com with your order number and your favorite type of gift basket. It could be anything that we sell, over 1,000+ different types. We’re going to hook up awesome discounts, free shipping, and even more – just send over an email today… (Offer expires May 30th, 2011).


Oh My, It’s Almost Mother’s Day! Already?

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Easter has been an insanely busy holiday. The staff hasn’t gotten much sleep. We’ve shipped more baskets in a day then we do in many weeks (and even months) in the slower months. And right when we think a break is around the corner, it’s time for Mother’s Day! Everybody wants to give mom something special on her special day, and we’re going to make that super easy this year around…

You see, every customer has their own set of unique needs. Some want recommendations, other need basket ideas, many times that are shipping & payment questions, and you get the point. So when a ton of orders come in all within the same 24-48 hours, you can imagine the phone lines, email messages, and ordering system goes on full blast… things get wild and crazy around this place! But don’t worry, we’ve still got some energy left in us to serve you all for Mother’s Day :-)

Here are somethings you can definitely expect:

  • Lots of fine chocolates
  • New gourmet foods
  • Fresh yummy fruits
  • Variety of different snacks
  • Mother’s Day themed styles
  • Mother’s Day themed baskets
  • And much more!

We’ll be launching our collection this weekend, probably later Saturday or early Sunday. We’ll have about 40+ brand new, never before seen, and completely awesome Mothers Day Gift Baskets that mom will absolutely love. Every basket comes with a complimentary gift card and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We cannot wait to show you all what we’ve been working on, be sure to keep an eye on this blog for coupon codes and product announcements soon!

Also, check out this cool video I found on YouTube about gift ideas:


Long Time Reader & Easter Has Arrived!

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Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve blogged. Just the other day I was checking personal email and found this email from one of our readers… I’m going to go ahead and post it below, I asked for permission first:


Hey Kate,

I was a long time reader of the G.B.P. Blog and noticed you haven’t posted anything in a long time now. I used to enjoy the random blog post about all sorts of different things but it seems like you’ve slowed down on it. I’m sure your busy, but just know you have loyal readers who anxiously await to read what’s up, just wanted to drop you this quick & to the point email. Not sure if it will get to your inbox, but cheers anyways!


C. Finley


I was so flattered, thanks C. Finley! I knew many people enjoyed reading from time to time, I would get some kind comments once in a while but getting an email like that has motivated me to do so more often… and ironically, just in time for Easter which is on April 24th, 2011.

We’ve been working hard on our easter gift baskets, I’m confident everyone will love them! Here are some things you can expect this year:

  • Scrumptous fruit
  • Chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Milk chocolate easter eggs
  • Pink and yellow Bunny Peeps
  • Classic candies
  • Cashew Roca toffee
  • Easter Marshmallow peeps
  • Much Much More!

I almost forgot to mention the design themes. This year we truly went all out with some of the cutest, coolest, & most fun Easter themes ever! We tried to have a healthy balance for both kids, teens, and adults alike… you’ll see!

Here are some things you probably didn’t know:


Expanding Our Product Selection

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Back in 1998 someone had the wonderful idea of selling gift baskets online. They started a website called Gift Baskets Plus and it took off in a heart beat. They loved running the company, it was a blast, and was very fulfilling to do. They ran the company hard with 100% effort, energy, & soul for many many years. Then what happened? I’m not sure, but the website was no longer active. And I can only assume they enjoyed it and gave it all their heart because of the marketing efforts put in.

But soon enough, the website that once had been was no longer available. You couldn’t buy anything, see anything, and it had very little to do with gift baskets. Basically an ad page owned by a domain name company. In late 2010 I saw the hidden opportunity and struck a deal with the owner & acquired the website. Today it’s back at it’s finest selling the finest baskets money can by at affordable prices and super awesome service. Our customers love us and their loyalty to us speaks for itself!

Now we’ve decided to expand our product selection by going into new niche markets. The new holding company is called zqStores LLC and we plan on being in 6 total markets (including gift baskets) before April 2011. Here is a quick list:

  1. Gift Baskets
  2. Wedding
  3. Baby
  4. Fitness
  5. Maybe Patio (still undecided)
  6. To be decided

We look forward to the expansion and will keep everyone updated via our blog. If you’ve enjoyed this website, you’ll be sure to enjoy our other selections. So be sure to keep a look out & we look forward to serving you in one of our other stores soon :)


Valentine’s Day, It’s Sooner Then You Think!

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Ahh yes, aren’t we always late for those special holidays. They seem so far away, yet before you know it they come up and you haven’t got a gift ready to go yet. Don’t make that mistake this year, we’re coming out with a brand new collection of Valentines Day Baskets that you won’t want to miss out on.

Our team has spent all of January designing, creating, coming up with ideas, purchasing new gourmet foods, teddy bears, and all sorts of neat stuff to put these beautiful baskets together. Rest assured they won’t be like anything you’ve ever seen over the years and our competitors baskets just won’t be able to match up to these beautiful works of art!

Not only that, we understand the recession is upon us and that’s why we’ve reduced prices without reducing quality. In fact, many on our team have actually increased quantities and qualities of the products included in this year’s collection. We want all our customers to have only the best of the best delivered this year. We guarantee Valentine’s Day delivery on everything purchased by February 4th, so don’t delay & order today!


Wishing Everyone A Very Happy New Year!

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I can’t believe it’s been 30 days without blogging. I used to wake up every couple of days and be so excited to post my thoughts and ramblings for you all to read. It seems like the last 45 days have been insanely busy! The gift basket industry does 50%-70% of its business in December, depending on which company you are looking at. So needless to say, doing that much business in about 20 days creates lots of activity and very little sleep – so that’s why the blogging has been non existent lately, that shall change!

So we came out with our Christmas collection and it was a success. We had our best month ever and our customers absolutely loved the products. We got loads of feedback on our service and products, it seems like just about everyone was really happy (there are some people you can’t please, no matter how hard you try – which is OK). Now that the season is behind us, there’s an entire fresh new year ahead of us. Here are some things I’m personally working on:

I love this time of year for several reasons. One because my birthday is in December. Two because I get to look back at 2010 and see if I hit my goals and achieved everything I wanted to. Unfortunately I can’t say yes to everything but I’m optimistic in the sense that setting my goals for 2011 should be a big success! I suggest you buy a journal, write down all your goals today, and look at them every single day until each & every single one of them is achieved.

I’d love to hear what you did for Christmas, what goals you set for the new year ahead of us, and what you’ve been up to. Please leave a comment below, shoot me a tweet on Twitter, drop me a line on Facebook, or just send me an email – I love hearing from you all. Here’s to an awesome, successful, and happy new year 2011 ahead of us :)


Celebrate The Holidays With Christmas Gift Baskets

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It’s that time of the year again! And we’d like to wish Happy Holidays to all of our customers, blog readers, suppliers, and everyone else we come in contact with on a regular basis! We’ve spent the last several months putting together lots of unique ideas. Our designers came together and listed every possible hint of creativity they could come up with on a huge white board. Next, the different options were narrowed down to come up with our final 2010 holiday gift baskets collection.

We didn’t want to come out with the same products year after year & decided to innovate big time for 2010. Who wants to see the same style, design, and contents for round two? Not too many people would raise their hand. The holidays are supposed to be exciting, fun, & the gifts are supposed to be unpredictable. Heck, they only come around once a year so it’s best to make the most out of them and go all out every single year!

So this year we put together about 25-35 variations of Christmas gift baskets. These contain a wide variety of gourmet foods, quick munchies & snacks, fine beverages, and a handful of other items. They are divided up into four main categories by color theme. We have the traditional colors such as red & green for Christmas. Other blends include soft white, light yellow, and baby blue. When combined with some serious design skills, the outcome is a true beauty!

Here’s how to get quick access & some more details:

– Official launch date is December 1st, 2010

– 15 Featured products will be listed on our home page

– The remaining products will be listed under “Christmas Gift Baskets”

– All email list subscribers & long time customers will receive a special early access email

– And as always all baskets are marked down 20%, come with a complimentary greeting card, super fast shipping, lowest price guarantee, & 100% satisfaction guaranteed on every purchase!

We hope to serve you, your clients, your friends, & your family members in the coming weeks. Everyone at GiftBasketsPlus.com wishes you a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, & a Happy New Year to come! :)

PS: Here’s a beautiful song by Nat King Cole, perfect for the occasion… (and one of my personal xmas favs!)


The Four Hour [INSERT GOAL] – Tim Ferriss

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If you haven’t heard of Tim Ferriss, you probably don’t read much because he has quickly became famous from writing the controversial book, “The Four Hour Week” – which was a best seller many times over on all the popular reading lists. In addition it sold millions of copies all around the world, hence it’s produced in dozens of different languages. When Tim first wrote the book he never thought it would become this popular, and boy has it taken off.

I first heard about the book through an audio interview he did with another well known internet marketing expert (I can’t remember who, it’s been a few years). After hearing the way he thinks, learning about his lifestyle, and how little he works to make an awesome living I just had to find out how. So I dropped by the local Barnes & Noble in Duluth, picked up the book along with a cup of coffee, and had a great time reading it over several days.

It turns out you can outsource just about every part of your business cheaply. The idea is to take advantage of currency rates. For example, $1 United States Dollar is $45 India Rupee as of today. The cost of living in India is also much lower because their lifestyles are much different from how luxurious most American’s live. They would be really happy making a small fraction of what the average American makes. So take off all the work on your desk, outsource it to someone cheaply, manage it for four hours a week, and enjoy your life!

In my case, I spend my time making fun gift baskets & blogging instead of doing paper work. That stuff is handled by other people, not me. My time is better spent coming up with a new idea (see our candle gift baskets!) rather then being held back by the minor details of running a business. It wouldn’t make sense to spend my valuable time doing $5/hour work because it’s worth much more then that. I certainly couldn’t come up with the new collection of holiday corporate gift baskets food we’re going to be announcing for the holiday’s if I was busy doing customer service, right?

So what are some things you could be outsourcing cheaply but for whatever reason aren’t? Leave your answer in the comments below & be sure to pick up Mr. Ferriss’s book! Here’s an interview I enjoyed of his on the Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, check it out…


So What’s The Occasion Anyways?

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One thing I noticed when I began working in this industry is most of our business is done during the holidays. This was oddly surprising because when I looked at our offerings it didn’t make sense. Although we have gift baskets for all occasions why do people rush in during Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and other holidays? I learned this the hard way because everyone kept telling me over & over again you better get your energy up for this last quarter.

I couldn’t figure it out. Every vendor I spoke to, every co-worker I met with, & even our competitors (specially the public companies) have openly admitted to do doing 50%-70% of their revenue in this last quarter of the year. That’s pretty scary from both a business & personal point of view. That means I’m going to be chilling out 9 out of 12 months for the most part. And for these last 3 I’m going to be working as hard as possible, wow!

One of our vendors who makes baby gift baskets baby gift started laughing because he’s been in the business for over a decade now. He said every year new people enter & old people go. The economy goes up and down. All sorts of things happen around the world. But having been stuck to this business for nearly ten years now has taught me one thing. Never under estimate the occasion. People will do more on occasions then any other time of the year.

I guess that explains why everyone has been working so hard on those corporate Christmas gift baskets. Another occasion to add to the list. So to all of you who will be buying soon, we promise to be working super hard. I probably won’t be blogging much for the next month or two. But come 2011 expect something every 2-3 days. This writing thing has an addiction about it that I really enjoy. Take care and have fun this holiday season…