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GiftBasketsPlus.com to Create the World’s Largest Candy Cane

Company Plans to Shatter the Previous Record of 58 Feet by Making at Least a 63-Foot Peppermint Flavored Candy Cane Perfect for a Hungry Crowd…

Over the years, candy canes have become one of the most beloved and delicious symbols of
Christmas. The red and white peppermint-flavored candy sticks can be seen adorning Christmas
trees in homes, stores and malls and they are also enjoyed by adults and kids alike as a refreshing
minty treat.

The staff at GiftBasketsPlus.com enjoys candy canes too—in fact, the festive canes are featured
in many of the Christmas-themed gift baskets that the company features this time of year.
Recently, the Duluth, Georgia-based company decided to take their appreciation for the red and
white crooked-shaped candy and see if they could create the most super sized candy cane ever
made. Specifically, they want to go for broke when it comes to Christmas candy and get the
Guinness World record for the world’s largest candy cane.

Creating this massive minty marvel will be no easy feat—according to a news article, in 2001 a
gentleman named Paul Ghinelli earned world record status by creating a whopping 58-foot, 2 ¼
inch candy cane at a restaurant in Michigan.

The staff of Gift Baskets Plus is not worried—they know with the right combination of corn
syrup, sugar, peppermint flavoring, starch, red food color and maybe just a pinch of holiday gift baskets
magic, they can create a candy cane that is at least 63 feet tall.

The exact figures and costs to create the world’s largest candy cane are not in yet, but suffice it
to say it will take a combined total of dozens of pounds of ingredients and a substantial amount
of money to put together the colossal candy creation—especially when taking into account that
the average sized 5-inch candy cane weighs just a half ounce or so and has a mere 50 calories.

Calories—oh yeah! That’s another thing that the world record candy cane created by Gift
Baskets Plus will have plenty of. But no worries, everyone knows that Christmas calories don’t
count the same way as other calories during the year. Just to be on the safe side about this, the
staff plans to break up the future giant candy cane into scores of bite-sized pepperminty pieces
and share them with the members of the Duluth community during a party celebrating their
impressive feat.

While the employees of GiftBasketsPlus.com are busy gathering up their ingredients for the
world’s largest candy cane, they will still be hard at work assembling, packing and shipping the
finest holiday-themed Christmas gift baskets that are available online, just in time for holiday season.

About GiftBasketsPlus.com:

GiftBasketsPlus.com features a wide variety of gift baskets for every occasion, theme, and
gourmet food! Everything from wine, chocolate, & cheese to Christmas, holiday, & Hanukkah
gift baskets! The staff prides itself on superior customer service and super fast shipping. For
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POSTED ON December 9, 2011,

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