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Mark Cuban & Jeff Foxworthy To Appear On Shark Tank

I was so sad last year when I heard that Shark Tank may not be coming back for season 2. Sipping on our California wine gift baskets & watching this stuff got addicting! Although it got millions of viewers towards the end it wasn’t as popular as many other shows on ABC. Let’s get real here. The majority of folks don’t like watching business related stuff on television. They would rather fill their head with useless news every night and other junk I can’t figure out why anybody would like watching.

The concept of Shark Tank goes something like this. An entrepreneur has a brilliant idea to create a profitable start-up. Usually they aren’t thinking about profits as Kevin O’leary would say. It’s more of a passion, fun, or gut level decision. Next they throw some money at it (if they have it) and it either works or it doesn’t. If it works they’d like to take things to the next level. If it doesn’t they still need money to make it work. I liked to pop open the Italian food gift baskets, sit back, & relax every Tuesday!

And that’s when these five folks come into the picture:

  1. Daymond John (Founder of FuBu clothing company)
  2. Barbara Corcoran (Real estate mogul in New York)
  3. Kevin Herrington (Pioneer in the infomercial space)
  4. Robert Herjaveck (Technology guru, sold 2 companies)
  5. Kevin O’leary (Exited The Learning Company for billions)

All five of them are qualified to be sitting up there because well they’re rich. Not only that they have years upon years (decades in some cases) of experience. Anyways I loved the show and I’m glad it’s back with two more celebrities – Jeff Foxworthy (comedian) & Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks owner). I’m sure they are doing this to beef up the ratings a bit. With Mark’s straight talk, Jeff’s comedy, and the original 5 sharks it’s sure to be a hit. Filming starting a couple days ago and is scheduled to be released in 2011 which is when our new baby shower gift baskets will launch as well – look out for both!

POSTED ON October 21, 2010,

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