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Say Get Well Soon With Class & Style

Do you see the irony of the title and picture above? If not, let me explain. Sending someone a balloon when they are down is not a way to bring them up. Although it may seem like the right thing to do, it’s more of an accessory that makes the outfit better, but it isn’t the outfit itself. You see, everyone expects to receive things like balloons and flowers at times like this. They are far from new, classy, or stylish – and on the other hand are very close to traditional, boring, and certain.

Next time send a get well gift basket to show that you actually put some time, effort, and energy into selecting a present. If not, you’ll look like you stopped by Wal-Mart on your way over because you totally forgot about what you’re going to get! That’s not a great impression you want to leave with, right?

Not only do they show effort with sympathy gift baskets and say thanks with thank you gift baskets like you mean it, they actually work! Don’t believe me? Picture this…

You’re laying in bed sick and tired because it’s flu season. It’s obvious that you’re friends and family are going to come over after work to say hi and support you. What’s even more obvious is that they are going to bring you traditional gifts. Things such as a cake, flowers, and balloon. It’s predictable and you have absolutely nothing to look forward to.

But when they show up, it’s the exact opposite! They have brought you gift baskets with all sorts of yummy munchies inside for you to snack on, with a personalized card inside. And to really top things off they didn’t forget the cake, flowers, and balloons. See what a different going the extra mile makes?

POSTED ON August 19, 2010,

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