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Valentine’s Day Is Just Around The Corner

Every February hundreds of thousands of couples come online to send Valentine gift baskets to each other. They are truly one of the best, most affordable, and not to mention tasty choices for gifts on this memorable day. This year we introduced forty four fresh, never before seen, and high quality gift baskets for Valentine’s Day. We guarantee your significant other will definitely feel loved, appreciated, and have the sweet taste of gourmet in their mouth after receiving something from our signature Valentine collection this February.

There is no better feeling then receiving a gift. That amplifies a hundred times more when it’s from that special someone, a complete surprise, and arrives smoothly on February 14th. Our products feature everything from brand name candies, chocolates, snacks, gourmet foods, fine wines, and so on. Many of our baskets also come with a variety of fluffy teddy bears and we even introduced cute red, white, or heart balloons in some of our products to really spice things up! The teddy bear definitely comes in handy when you can’t be there to give that big hug.

We thought what better way to celebrate then give you some neat facts about this holiday that you may not have known:

– The name “Valentine” was given to many of the early Christian martyrs

– The original background comes from a priest in Rome, who would’ve thought

– A mysterious third saint, who was ironically named “Valentine” as well, had a handful of significant others in Africa

– In the early days, there wasn’t a love/romance energy about this, and it’s unknown how the tide shifted

– It was taken out of the General Roman Calendar since there was very little known about Saint Valentine except his burial information

So don’t waste another minute, head over to see all of our Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets and send one today!

POSTED ON January 28, 2012,

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