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Valentine’s Day, It’s Sooner Then You Think!

Ahh yes, aren’t we always late for those special holidays. They seem so far away, yet before you know it they come up and you haven’t got a gift ready to go yet. Don’t make that mistake this year, we’re coming out with a brand new collection of Valentines Day Baskets that you won’t want to miss out on.

Our team has spent all of January designing, creating, coming up with ideas, purchasing new gourmet foods, teddy bears, and all sorts of neat stuff to put these beautiful baskets together. Rest assured they won’t be like anything you’ve ever seen over the years and our competitors baskets just won’t be able to match up to these beautiful works of art!

Not only that, we understand the recession is upon us and that’s why we’ve reduced prices without reducing quality. In fact, many on our team have actually increased quantities and qualities of the products included in this year’s collection. We want all our customers to have only the best of the best delivered this year. We guarantee Valentine’s Day delivery on everything purchased by February 4th, so don’t delay & order today!

POSTED ON January 23, 2011,

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  1. Karel

    Gift Baskets are one of my favorite gifts to give or to rviceee on any holiday! I love the variety of things that can come in a basket. That way, the person you are gifting it to is sure to like at least one thing if not everything!