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Why I Think Apple Is Worth Over $250 Billion

I’ve been a computer nerd all my life, there I said it! Not too many people are proud of that, but I’ll be the first to say I love everything technology and it doesn’t stop at computers. Phones, television sets, mp3 players, video recorders, cameras, GPS devices, home theaters, ahh I could go on forever but the point is I’ve loved gadgets all my life.

Now the interesting thing is I had heard of Apple but never used any of their products. Mainly because no one I knew used them and I had grown up with a PC. In fact, I got my first computer when I was only seven years old from my uncle for no other reason then he was a nice guy. That’s a story for another time!

So a few years ago my mother surprised me with my very own Macbook Pro. As soon as I turned it on I was in love all over again. It felt like it had been made just for me. It was so sexy, smooth, and effortless. It didn’t require me to think or go the extra mile for anything. The speeds were beyond imaginable, no extra software, and all ready to go within 13 seconds.

But is that why I they are doing so well? Possibly. The real reason for Apple’s success in my opinion is how they treat their customers. One word comes to mind: SPECIAL. I was at the Genius Bar today and the person I was working with treated me like I was Steve Jobs himself! Took care of everything, threw in a free pair of headphones, gave me some valuable tips, and answered every question I had with such class.

Although we aren’t worth $250 billion and don’t have the following Apple has, we also try to things that make our customers feel special. For example, when a customer has been very loyal to us we’ll send them one of our thank you gift baskets exactly one year after their recent purchase. When someone sends one of our sympathy gift baskets they also receive a card four weeks later, free of charge. We’re always sending out coupons, discounts, and all sorts of other freebies to do our part in making you feel good!

POSTED ON September 5, 2010,

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