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Is The Cardigan Really That Exclusive

Winter is coming up soon so me and one of my good friends went shopping to warm things up a bit. You maybe wondering why we’re shopping for winter clothing in September. Several reasons. We live in Atlanta and the weather changes by the minute. It could be sunny one day, raining the next day, snowing the next day, and a mixture of the three the next. I’ve never seen patterns like this, poor people that work at the weather stations must be confused all the time.

Another reason is the pricing. So if you go shopping for jackets when jackets are selling off the shelves guess what kind of price your going to end up paying? Exactly. On the flip side if you buy a pair of sunglasses when it’s freezing cold outside and then sun hasn’t shown up in many months you will definitely score a deal. And no matter how much money one has, everyone likes a slick deal!

Back to the story, so we we enter the Mall of Georgia and go to Macy’s. My girlfriend looks at a cardigan sweater and wants to buy several of them. I asked her what’s so exclusive about a cardigan and she instantly said they are unique. I begged to differ. They were unique, were being the keyword… like in 2008 two years ago. Everyone and their mother wears these things now.

That’s why it’s so important for us to evolve and keep bringing you all unique products that you haven’t seen before such as snack gift baskets that don’t all have the same bag of chips in them. Or what about gourmet cheese gift baskets that have been imported from all around the world, not just Wisconsin. And if you really want to get unique, how about baking our cookie gift baskets the same day we ship them so they taste just like they came out of the oven, every bite is delicious!

POSTED ON September 16, 2010,

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