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Who Gets To Decide These Trends Anyways

Have you ever wondered why something is really cool? I sure have. It seems like every year something becomes the hot new trend and at the same time something else just disappears from the minds of consumers. Well why does that one thing become the flavor of the year while the other thing becomes obsolete. (Before you read the rest of this post, maybe it would be a fun idea to post your thoughts in the comments below and then come back to finish up!)

It just so happens that YOU get to decide these trends today. Things used to be different though, much different. Advertising and marketing companies sat around in a room and said “What can we make really cool and sell to the public this month”. Let’s make these Armani Exchange Sunglasses really cool and market the hell out of them by running television ads, having celebrities wear them, put them on magazine covers, and using our connections to get free press releases.

Although that is still true to a certain extent today, things have changed dramatically. Because of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Bloggers (like me!), and social media in general the game has become much different. Today 80% of what’s in is decided by the people and 20% is artificially created by companies.

I’ll be the first to admit that those brands will always have some say in deciding trends but that 20% will become 10%, then 5%, and will probably stay there. Why? Because they have resources, human capital, mass media and billions of dollars in cash. The average person isn’t going to be able to compete with that and nor do they need to. The cream is quickly rising to the top my friends. For example, looking at our companies evolution we used to put what we thought was cool on our home-page. Now we put best sellers (decided by umm you!) on there instead.

At one point we only had gift baskets for women on the front page because we thought that was popular but on the flip side we start selling a lot of gift baskets for men so now the home-page is a mixture of the two categories. Gift baskets for children were the last three products on every page but after seeing what our customers ordered most they have become in the top 20 on nearly every section.

POSTED ON September 14, 2010,

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