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Call it Chanukah in Modern Hebrew or even known as the Festival of Lights you get a wonderful Jewish holiday. Unlike other holidays in which they are celebrated on one single day this one is eight full days long… So you get not one, not two, but eight straight days of cheerful times.

The starting is on the 25th day of Kislev (on the Hebrew calendar) and is observed by lighting up candles on a candelabrum day after day. It has nine spots, one for each of the 8 days and then a final one called shamash which is another word for servant or guard. We've prepared each of these with strictly Kosher foods only. Everything from chocolate, cupcakes, candies, cakes, fruits, and many other snacks all under strict guidelines.

The idea of presenting beautifully crafted Hanukkah presents to friends, family, and the close people on this holiday is a wonderful one that our Jewish audience come back to us for year after year. Although they cannot talk, but if they could speak for themselves they would be filled with emotion, appreciation, and lots of care!

There is an old saying that goes something like this: The best way to please the ones you love is through their stomach in times of fun. Ironically that's exactly what we've put together. These are created with plenty of snacks to munch on, colorful packaging, and all in all great times to be enjoyed together!

They are a combination of tasty food products, mouth watering beverages, incredible delicacies and unique tokens. We know how important it is to use only certified kosher items in putting these together and we've done exactly that under strict guidelines & facilities that produce kosher foods.

Hanukkah Gift Baskets