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Settle in for a fun night of flicks. Cruise through your favorite video store such as Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, Redbox or even go through Netflix so you don't even have to leave your comfy sofa! But don't worry about going to the grocery store to pick up a dozen varieties of snacks.

We'll assemble all your favorites in one big package. We've got everything from your popcorn, candies, gum, chocolate, cold soda, and a dozen other treats ready to go. Just pop in the movie, crack open the basket, and begin enjoying yourself for a night of fun!

Who doesn't love a good flick to relax and be entertained after a long day? That's exactly what you need to chill out and enjoy yourself a bit. While your on the edge of your seat you'll be able to dig into popcorn & candy. That's an offer no movie buff in his or her right mind would turn down.

And don't limit these to adults or kids. They are created with both in mind. Also perfect for getting the family together. These days it seems that spending time together is a big challenge because everyone is running around in their own lives. The kids have school, dad has work, mom is busy as well.

You'll be able to bring everyone in one spot for movie night. Give the kids a box of candy and you won't hear another word for the rest of the night. Pick a flick everyone will enjoy, sit back, and relax the night away. It'll be two hours of well spent time.

Movie Gift Baskets